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    Early 1990s AS18 and Farrington brochures

    I found this while I was moving to a new house...I am pegging them around the early 1990s as that is when I was flying my Bensen and I found a AS18A near El Mirage that I was interested in.
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    A contender...

    I am a survivor of the self taught generation - building and flying a Bensen back in the late 1980s at El Mirage. My little craft was first VW powered and then MAC 72 powered. I had a blast. I have been flying fixed wing before that and ever since. Now I am retiring and looking to change my...
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    Dta j-ro

    Does anyone have direct knowledge or experience with this French design or company? It looks interesting to me. Thanks.
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    Time capsule found - PRA magazines from 1989 - 2000

    I just found my stash of PRA magazines safely stored for the last 22 years. I think I have every issue from sometime in 1989 through 2000. I am not looking to sell, but I will give them to a good home. Is there any logical place to give these? How about PRA headquarters? Do you all already...
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    El Mirage Circa 1990

    As I mentioned in my welcome mat thread, I recently ran across some old photos of my time at El Mirage in the early 1990s. Here are a few pictures. This was the second iteration of my Bensen as the first with a direct drive stock VW would only get airborne in short hops on a warm day. This...
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    Flew Gyros 15+ years ago

    Hi all, I have been lurking for a few weeks seeing what is going on. Nice having forums...I remember waiting for the PRA magazine to come out to see what others were doing. Real time is a treat isn't it? I got into gyros in the early 1980s when I bought an info packet for a Bensen. I was...