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    Too good to believe?

    Ok, how what I go about finding out the "operating radius" of this gyro? And what do you mean exactly when you say, "proficiency flying"?
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    Too good to believe?

    Just to be clear, the average 'fun flying' pilot could NOT register this as a ELSA and/or get a regular Certificate of Airworthiness? Would this gyro have to be completely torn apart and then put back together to be clear of it's current "Experimental exhibition" status? Reason: I was seriously...
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    Owner comments and reviews

    Tom- Thinking about buying a Tango II myself soon, concerned about this gyro having a lot of 'stick shake', and can one get a stronger motor the 3 cylinder? Any additional first time buyer information would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks, Randy
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    RAF 2000 for sale would be nice.
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    Sport Copter Vortex M912

    Looking to buy new or slightly used. Email me back if you've got any leads. Thanks, Randy (Tampa, FL).