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    President trump

    Dear Lucious try using the New World Dictionary I.e. , spelling Chaos correctly Just saying
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    NTSB Factual Report - Cavalon N198LT Sebring 30-10-2018

    Hi Greg, In my Calidus the pitch control cable is anchored at the rear of the head, and the pitch trim cylinder is anchored forward of this connection. The pitch trim is a much larger cylinder than the roll trim cylinder. Limited flight control authority is possible and shallow turns can be made...
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    NTSB Factual Report - Cavalon N198LT Sebring 30-10-2018

    Chris gave me my Sport Pilot gyro ticket, a great guy and a professional beyond reprpoach. I own and operate Type Certified Calidus, it is wonderful machine and a safe machine. I have read every post about this incident, and I am relieved that the design is solid and I preflight the control...
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    What generation hub bar is this?

    Dear Gtribute, The is of the later gen, taller tower, more underslung travel, thicker hub bar cross section, about 2005, I fly two of these designs versions, look for a washer under the winglet main bolt. Phillip
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    Need Advice or opinions

    Hi Driver The NASA crews have a time honored trick to stop motion sickness, a cherry cough drop held under the tongue, even works on the vomit comet !
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    Blade Covers

    Hi There Everyone Phillip here, I will fabricate blade covers for any rotorcraft , material Dacron Sunbrella UV resistant This is an outdoor commercial fabric with Velcro hub covers built in Length and width as ordered prices start at 200 dollars for a set of 2 12 foot covers Colors. Red Blue...
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    RAF2000 rotorhead with 370 hours and 53 hour SKF bearing

    Phillip Phillip Dear Sir, I would like the parts mentioned and the cheek plates, I am upgrading the tower and I need the taller hub tower as well, and the flying plastic teeter stops. How about 500 for the lot. Call me 1 864 989 0566 Regards, Phillip Patton [email protected]
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    If I get an RAF 2000 ...

    Dear 98 and gentle gyronauts, My name is Phillip and I too wanted a gyro after training over 40 hours in a R-22 heli for the experience and some 40 hours in fixed wing (J-5, 150, 172) I decided to purchase a built , A&P inspected RAF2000 with the EA82 engine, I read all the pros and cons and...
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    EJ22 motor flange bolts

    Thanks again Jeff, I will try this parts house, the problem is the super fine thread 1.0mm pitch, Remember advice is always worth twice what you paid for it!HA! Regards,Phillip
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    EJ22 motor flange bolts

    EJ22 motor to pulley socket hex head screws/Prerotator update EJ22 motor to pulley socket hex head screws/Prerotator update Dear Jeff and Mr K. I was a bit premature in our victory...the bolts referred to are hex CAP screws and the ones I need are metric socket head screws M10x1.0x120mm...
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    EJ22 motor flange bolts

    EJ22 motor pulley bolts EJ22 motor pulley bolts Hi Jeff, Yes that is the item I need, much thanks for the lead information,I will order these at once! Best Regards, Phillip
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    EJ22 motor flange bolts

    Hi All, I am installing an EJ22 Sube to replace a broken crank EA82 that caused an emergency landing, but I was in the pattern at the time in my RAF2000, no damage or problems. Now I have the new engine installed but one hitch: The new motor and PSRU requires a M10x1.0x 120mm bolts (eight)...
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    New to Forum

    Hi Eddie, I currently run a 68 inch Warp Drive 3 bladed prop set at 11.5 degrees. Can I get better take off performance with higher pitch? N57 is Elevation 400 ft.At my current hp I turn 5600 RPM at take off WOT. Thanks for the welcome words and encouragement to the forum.You are right about the...
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    actuator for pre-rotation

    New to Forum New to Forum Hi Larry I have seen a sweet setup on the RAF using a Honda clutch lever and the slave actuator from a motorcycle as the P/R control. It requires no power and allows a soft touch, plus tremendous force to the P/R clutch, the parts are cheap and the weight is...
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    New to Forum

    New To Forum New To Forum Thanks John, I did join the PRA in 2012, and will re-up my member ship asap, Thanks for the welcome to the site, I will share some pics as soon as I learn to post pics, I do have a prototype electric P/R idea book, and I do suggest a Kelly soft start 24 volt 200 amp...
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    New to Forum

    Hi Fellow RotorHead, My name is Phillip and I am owner of an RAF2000 and have been training since Mentone 2012, where my first hour in a gyro was with Jim Logan! I have since logged 40 hours in training with Jim L. and Jim Nadig whose skill and diligence in setting up and making me and my...