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    El Mirage fly in

    Will the 2020 El Mirage fly in take place or is it also cancelled for 2020 ?
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    Soma info needed

    I saw an RAF gyro for sale on Barnstormers by Scott Malone. Perhaps you could get the phone number off the ad and see if Scott still has a builders manual and parts.
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    Air Command 447 flight test problem

    This thread is frightening. The cost of training is far less than repairing a gyro or medical treatment. I pray these guys seek additional training.
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    N47EB RAF 2000 - Millard airport, Nebraska 7th-Dec-19

    I believe the gyro could be repaired from what I could see.
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    Tango 2 - N875FV - Georgia

    My post on the testing was only to gather the details on a statement presented / contained within the initial report. I’ll leave the “Why” to the experts.
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    Tango 2 - N875FV - Georgia

    The article said “Test Flight” is that a true statement ? Does anyone know what was being tested ?
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    old redrive

    Jim I can get you the length and weight. As for the tech data I don’t know. I bought an EA-81 engine and the redrive came with it. I’ll try and turn the hub and count the revolutions to get the ratio.
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    old redrive

    Jim I have a Ross PSRU for a Subaru EA-81 that can be used for other 4 cylinder engines. Would you be interested in it ?
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    A question for gyroplane pilots.

    I believe (without reading every post) that the gyro pilot was likely a victim of fatigue or a victim of the “I need to be home soon, just one more” . He had already completed a few trips around the pattern successfully. His description of the mishap sounds like he was behind the machine on the...
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    More fun flying The Predator.

    Welcome to the human race. There isn’t an aviator alive who hasn’t questioned a decision. What is clear in your post is that you made an after flight risk assessment analysis. The action of flight provided you with experience. The after flight debrief demonstrates your growth as a pilot. You now...
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    Buckeye 582 overheating issue

    With the age and temp variations the engine goes through I would suspect crank seals. Check the intake manifold for cracks too.
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    Before you consider buying, trailering etc, go take a few rides in different models. It’s difficult to establish a plan without having the knowledge / insight a few rides will provide. Before spending thousands on equipment that may not fit your mission, take a ride. Once you decide on a brand...
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    Bolt Head Controversy

    I would like to see more of the jump takeoff rotorhead posted above.
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    Bolt Head Controversy

    Wayne my post wasn’t intended to offended you. I thought the cost of blades vs training might make you or someone reading this post reconsider training if they were drifting toward being self taught. I wasn’t sure if self instruction was your plan. I’m glad it isn’t as I seen several good people...
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    Wisconsin - Sport Copter Vortex - Fatal - N634SC

    I know of two engine out downwind fatalities. Even experts can fall victim. There is a YouTube video of Commander Wallis’ accident while doing a downwind landing. To clarify, two different machines. One was a two place during a demo ride, both killed. Another a single place, one lost.
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    Wayne think twice about a Sportster. They look cool but weren’t the most stable of designs. If you want a Gyro from that era look at a Barnett. They are much more pilot friendly. Yes, I’ve flown in both.
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    Bolt Head Controversy

    Ken Brock self trained. He said he would build up and take several sets of blades with him each weekend. He went through several sets while learning. If a guy like Ken goes through blades like that, how much cheaper (not including possible injuries) would it be to pay for training ? A used set...
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    Bandit Gyroplane

    I thought Jim or Chucks design was simple and a good example of out of the box designing. I’ve only seen it once on a lightening gyro. But, it seemed to work very well. There’s a wealth of talent in the gyro community. Maybe Jim will bring it back or supply plans and parts.
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    Bandit Gyroplane

    Brian in this case looks are deceiving. The single place Bandit is probably one of the easiest Gyros for a newbie to fly. The Gyro was never built without a large horizontal stab. We equipped all of our Gyros with them when the status quo were telling us they weren’t necessary. Having flown many...
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    High Altitude Gyro Flying

    At full power sea level your RPMs will be ? Take that number and determine what your HP loss is with each 1000 feet. Using the HP number / RPM using your regular runway, set the RPM for the reduced HP . Example if each 100 RPM equals 1 HP and you lose 8.5 HP at 8500 reduce your takeoff RPM by...