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    Hi, I'm looking for: Bensen rotor head, preferrably with ring gear and torque tube 5 or 7.5 gallon seat tank with U tube for mounting. Please call or PM with price and shipping costs. Thanks. 2817995115
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    Wanted Rotax B gearbox

    Hi, I'm looking for a used Rotax B gearbox 2.58:1 for a 532. Thanks. 281 799 5115
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    64" Prop Blades

    Does anyone have Three 64 inch or larger Warp Drive propeller blades for sale. I have the hub. Clockwise rotation when viewed from rear of pusher gyro. Please call or PM. Thanks. 281 799 5115
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    T6 Aluminum vs Steel vs Titanium

    After reading a recent thread on a new gyroplane being built out of titanium, I have a few questions that come to mind regarding the choice of material used in gyroplane frames. Does the spread between the values of Ultimate Yield and Ultimate Strength have any relevance? As I understand...
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    The Case for Practicing Crow Hops

    There have been numerous accidents by new pilots inadvertently getting airborne and then crashing, sometimes fatally, because of an inability to land safely from this situation. Sadly, many videos on you tube show the same results. So if there are so many accidents caused by inexperienced pilots...
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    Length of Torque Tube

    I found the above post on one of the old threads regarding trim springs. I have a tandem Air Command. I have to use considerable trim spring force to keep the backward stick pressure under control when flying with a passenger and my AUW is...
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    Helicopter Crash in Auckland

    This is some pretty dramatic footage. The pilot was lucky to get out alive. Auckland Viaduct Chopper Crash - YouTube
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    Critical Failure of Components.

    While it is great to acquire a used machine, it may be impractical to strip/dismantle it and rebuild it completely. Hence it may well be worthwhile examining a few major critical components, the failure of which could very well result in a really bad hair day. IMHO, I believe that the following...
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    Subaru EJ22 engine fluctuation at 4300 rpm.

    Hi, I have a fuel injected Subaru EJ22 on my tandem Air Command, that I had bought about four months ago. It has 76 hours, including the 20 hours flown since buying it. I am new to flying gyros and yesterday while flying, the engine rpm began to fluctuate by about +/- 150 rpm. At any other...
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    Subaru 2.0 liter Boxer Diesel Engine

    Hi everyone, I have done some reading about the new Subaru 2.0 L Boxer Turbo Diesel engines (world's first and only) that are NOT marketed in the USA, and find the specs to be very interesting. There is no info as yet of the engine weight. I have recently bought an Air Command Tandem with an...