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    El Mirage fly in

    Will the 2020 El Mirage fly in take place or is it also cancelled for 2020 ?
  2. J

    Subaru conversion instructions

    I would like to buy a copy of Dons Subaru EA 81 conversion instructions. If anyone has a copy of Boo’s book shoot me an email with a price. Bob Lewis [email protected]
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    Mentone Info ??

    Does anyone have photos, a list of gyros, winners of awards etc that they would be willing to post so us less fortunate working stiffs can view ? Thanks much
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    Bandit gyroplane for sale

    Im posting this for Bruce Wiltse (707) 227-6737 . Bruce bought a Bandit Gyro from the estate of a friend a while back. The gyro has an HKS engine installed and Bruce wanted the engine for a Project. Bruce received another engine and left the Gyro intact. This is a complete Gyro. It wasn’t flown...
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    Subaru EA81 intake

    I’m want to buy an intake manifold for an EA81. Anyone have one ?
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    Subaru engine and Ross redrive for sale

    I have a Subaru engine and Ross redrive for sale. I have a manifold and carb as well as a stainless steel exhaust. I bought a new distributor but, the manifold would need modified to use it. I bought the engine as a project but I’ve decided to go with an o-200. The engine has 40k on it. I have...
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    1”X2” aluminum tube

    Where are builders buying the mast and keel material these days ? I checked spruce and their online store made it appear like they no longer carry it. Thanks
  8. J

    Flying into Oshkosh

    Having flown into Oshkosh in a fixed wing, I looked at the NOTAM to see if there was a special route for gyros. I didn't see a listing. For those who have flown a gyro to Oshkosh, can you enlighten me on what arrival you used? Did they have you blend in with the fixed wings or did I miss...
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    Costs of gyros

    From watching the "For Sale" ads in several national web sites I am suffering from sticker shock. Gyros came into existence as a pathway for the average guy to get into the air. Now most cost more than my Bonanza. Can't a descent gyro still be built as an under 10k Kit ? I realize if you use a...
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    Hotel recommendations for Mentone

    Guys can the regulars recommend a hotel for the Mentone fly in ? I'm trying to cement the logistics.
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    12 foot Rotordyne Blades

    I have a set of 12 foot rotordyne blades. I have NO hub bar. I have blade straps that can be used to make new blade straps. The blades are in a wooden box. I would like 500.00 for them plus shipping. If interested contact me at [email protected] The price is firm.
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    Help out a couple of new guys

    There are two guys arriving at Mentone who are working on a Gyrobee, One is my friend Jim Cambell. These guys need some help on doing a hang test correctly. Would one of you guys take them under your wing and demonstrate a hang test? They are good guys and just need some direction. Thanks
  13. J

    Rotordyne 12' Blades for sale

    Used 12' Rotordyne blades for sale. They are in good shape $1000.00 OBO E mail Bob Lewis at [email protected]
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    Why I re-joined PRA

    Some have read a previous poll where I stated my reasons for exiting PRA, Disappointment with the magazine, poor vendor support, insurance issues, the airport purchase etc. After attending the El Mirage fly in, I concluded that none of those issues matter. (Sounds hokey doesn't it.) What I...
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    Rotorblade flutter

    Guys I'm wondering if some of the accidents we classified and PPOs could have been caused by rotorblade flutter. I don't know if this event is even possible but, I have seen control surfaces flutter at high speed, usually due to imbalance, and rip apart. I was thinking last night that some...
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    Less for More

    I just finished reading where PRA dues are increasing and the magazines are being reduced. I am very disappointed with this developement. I believe it is time to take a different approach to our problems, go back to basics. It is my opinion that it is time to sell the airport and use the funds...
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    Force of impact-help needed

    If you have an 800 lb gyro in a 700 FPM vertical decent and you have a 180 lb, 9 1/2 shoe, man jumping from a 10 foot fence onto cement, at what force, pounds per square inch would each hit? This sounds like a crazy question but, the answer could prove very important to me. Thanks for any...
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    EJ 25 Subaru question

    A friend of mine recently converted an EJ 25 from fuel injection to a regular carb set up. He did this to overcome a consistent problem with the computer that could not be traced and fixed. He is using a trigger fired ignition system and the gyro seems to run excellent. Except--at 3000 RPM the...
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    JE-2 Plans

    My JE-2 plans are missing. If anyone has a set they are willing to sell or copy, please contact me at [email protected] much
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    JE-2 plans

    My set of JE-2 plans are missing, I would like to purchase another set. If anyone has a set they will sell or copy, please contact me at [email protected]