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    Air Command nose pod on E-bay

    In case someone is looking for one here it is:
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    Viking engines

    I had stopped by on my way home from work at Viking aircraft engines company last Tuesday. What a neat company?!!! Very professional and very busy apparently. To my question of wanting to buy an engine they told me to wait till December before the next batch gets started being worked on. Unless...
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    Happy Birthday Brian Willis

    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday my friend. You are an inspiration in everything that you do. A real example for the youth and a great ambassador for the sport. Happy to call you a friend :party::party::party::party:
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    OZ invasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The greatest bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Rotax 582 Expansion Tank with Cap

    I have a leak on my Expnasion Tank. Does anyone out there have one for sale? pm me please. Thanks.
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    Happy Birthday Ron Awad

    Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are 40!!!! Old fart! Happy BD kiddo!:party::party::party:
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    582 on E-bay

    Not a bad deal..
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    My MTO Sport experience

    Hi guys, instead of highjacking the Calidus thread I rather just open a new one for the MTO here. Looking at the pictures today my daughter shut I can see why I couldn't see from the backseat. My instructor is about 4-5 inches taller than me!!! :) It also explains why my feet did not reach the...
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    Lightspeed zulu headset.

    Hi guys! Has anyone successfully paired up the Lightspeed Zulu headset with any of the handheld radios using PTT external switch. I am about to buy a radio and I have read problems due to the high impedance of the mike. But I couldn't find any info on what radios are compatible with the Zulu. I...
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    Where can I buy Powered Sport Flying magazine?

    Stan graciously has sent me a phone shot of the magazine and I was told Barnes and Noble carries the publication but I could not find it on the website. I would like to buy a few copies since the Behemoth is on the cover and featured in the magazine. I didn't want to ask for free copies I would...
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    Done deal :)

    For the few of you who were in the loop :) Done deal! Be back soon and ready to fly my Behemoth as the ban on flying has just expired for me LOL. Life's grand.
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    Boy there is just no limit to stealing anymore.......

    John look at the image! I designed it for you and they stole it! ROFLMAO I mean reverse engineered it..they removed the text around it hahahaaaaaaa. Man nothing is safe!
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    Hager brakes help needed!

    Hi guys. I need help (as usual :) ). I have a mystery on my hands. I have the Hager brakes on the Behemoth. Since day 1 I am having a little annoyance with the brakes airing up. No transmission fluid is to be found around the connections. I have no clue where the fluid goes to....... I have done...
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    Bensen days award banquette

    For the ones who couldn't make it. I hope you all feel a bit being there this way. Bensen Days 2012 Banquet.mpg - YouTube
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    Happy Birthday Pete Johnson (Passing Thru)

    MY dear friend I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Now....don't go all wild and crazy partying on me ok? I don't wanna bail you out you crazy kid! LOL. Thanks for all you do :)
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    2 more weeks!

    2 MORE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMP BUMP BUMP Don't forget to attend. Oh and BUMP again...Come on you know you liked it :)
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    Atlas launch

    T minus 4 minutes
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    Valkaria Airfest is on February the 18th.

    Plan for coming to the Valkaria Airfest on February the 18th. Gyrocopters, Powered Paragliders & Parachutes, Cars, Motorcyles, Remote Control Aircraft, Gliders, Sail Planes, Airboat DRAG RACES! and much more.It really is a great fly in so make your plans to attend if you can. Let's show up...
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    Accurate fuel quantity reading gauge.

    I have been intrigued by this problem for all the seat tanks and the uneven shaped fuel tanks that can not use the standard float type sender units. I really would like to create a trustworthy measuring device that could be applied to all tanks. I know this forum has some great great minds so...
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    A nice R44 falls victim to a left quartering wind......ouch............ Why wouldn't these videos work anymore in preview mode? Anyone?