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  1. DennisFetters

    Interesting new ‘Chinese’ development.

    No, Kevin, it is not one of my designs nor has it anything to do with me or any company I worked for. In fact, it is a European manned ultralight helicopter purchased from the manufacturer, shipped to China and converted into a UAV. I have recently designed a children's miniature baseball bat...
  2. DennisFetters

    Corona ,CA is Burning

    What did I miss?
  3. DennisFetters


    I couldn't agree more. I'm trying to use the new forum and can't seem to make heads nor tails from it. I keep checking back to see if any improvements are being done, but no joy yet.
  4. DennisFetters

    Tommy Milton honored

    Tom Milton has one of my original mentors when I got into gyroplanes. Still is today. Always a helpful man and good person. I am better for knowing him. Congratulations Tom!
  5. DennisFetters

    Fix the forum please!

    Yes. Call me old fashion I guess, but I really liked the way the old forum worked. This new one sucks, although I know we need to give the admin a chance to get it all worked out. If not, its just not worth the effort anymore. Sorry to say that, but this one has none of the nice functions as the...
  6. DennisFetters

    Android and rotorcraft?

    That's not what it means at all. It's really a nice function. Trust me, turn on the phones "auto-rotate" function, and then throw it 30 feet up into the air and watch what happens.
  7. DennisFetters

    Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year

    Well, like I advertise to perspective Drone customers in China; Drones are made to be disposable, so if it is flown into by someone it can easily be replaced. ;-)
  8. DennisFetters

    What I miss most about living outside the USA

    Yea, no lie about the chop sticks!!! Learn or go hungry... After 7 years now I'm a pro. I can pick up 4 peanuts at the same time, better than the average Chinese can do!! Once in a while I'll go into a Chinese restaurant, and the server will automatically bring me a fork and knife thinking to...
  9. DennisFetters

    What I miss most about living outside the USA

    Well, then again there is always a afternoon late lunch at Hooters!!!! I think some the best times of my life was dinner at Hooters with all my comrades at Lakeland Florida for the Sun & Fun flying. I'm as full as a tick about now.
  10. DennisFetters

    What I miss most about living outside the USA

    Yea, preserved fish first thing in the morning may be a little too strange for my taste..... I love kippers for lunch or dinner!!
  11. DennisFetters

    What I miss most about living outside the USA

    Yes I know. I dislike the chain restaurants for breakfast, for the except for Cracker Barrel. I would much rather go to a mom and pop place. I asked, but none in the area. But I'm not going hungry!
  12. DennisFetters

    What I miss most about living outside the USA

    Although there are a great deal of things I miss while living outside the USA, it can become the littlest things one can miss the most. Sure, doing a technical project is much easier in the USA, because we have everything available at our fingertips and easy to find and obtain quickly. Yes, the...
  13. DennisFetters

    RWF site listed as Deceptive

    I was on Denny's resturant Wi-Fi just now in los Angeles and they blocked me from using the forum.
  14. DennisFetters

    First 25 Hour Inspection on my Mini-500

    I'm sorry Bryan. I didn't see you had that covered about the larger tapped hole. I'm running around like a chicken with his head cut off for a few days now. I had to ready myself for a trip to California for two weeks. Just got here and checked into hotel. Good to be back in USA for a...
  15. DennisFetters

    First 25 Hour Inspection on my Mini-500

    Bryan, Before you make this change, you better see how much meat you would have between the outer thread and the bottom of the keyway. You don't need to increase the size of this bolt. I remember back in the old days some guy figured he would listen to the advice of his wife, bigger is better...
  16. DennisFetters

    First 25 Hour Inspection on my Mini-500

    As you say, that makes more since than anything, if you had the stack-up (sandwich) correct. I want to take this opportunity to use as a history lesson, and hope that it will help demonstrate some of what I was up against selling the Mini-500. People just love to tinker and customize their...
  17. DennisFetters

    First 25 Hour Inspection on my Mini-500

    The inner race of the bearing is not going to spin with 3620 pounds of press exerted on it with only 78hp to transfer. Nor will the seal cause enough torque to make the rear spacer spin causing the o-ring to mark the pinion shaft-end. You got a different problem. For some reason you are not...
  18. DennisFetters

    Hughes 500 in North Korea ?

    If North Korea ever attacked the United Sates with a nuclear device, we would retaliate destroying the whole country doing hundreds of dollars in damage.
  19. DennisFetters

    Rest In Peace old friend.

    I am very sorry to hear the passing of Thom. He was a kind person with a big heart and will be deeply missed. I wish more people were like him. Dennis Fetters
  20. DennisFetters

    First 25 Hour Inspection on my Mini-500

    Bryan the bearings have no torque on them ever. They only spin when the engine is at idle and at no meaningful load. The clutch engages just above an idle and transfers all torque from then on. After engaged, nothing goes through the bearings so they would never spin in the aluminum sprocket to...