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  1. scottessex

    Another short video

    Inspecting hayfield...enjoy.
  2. scottessex

    Short, take off video

    Short video testing camera mount on the Tango2
  3. scottessex

    I love my Tango!

    I am loving flying my Tango2, I am still flying off the phase 1 hours, but I like it more and more every time I fly, it is a great machine with great performance.
  4. scottessex

    Only 11 views in two years!!???

    Enjoy! My old dominator at BensenDays..
  5. scottessex

    Trailer mods

    I need pictures of peoples blade hoists, and how you store them in your trailers. I am getting my trailer ready and need some ideas, Thanks!
  6. scottessex

    Nav lights and strobes

    In case you wanted some nav lights and strobes and dont want to pay $400 for a pair, I found some I am going to use, They are self contained LED 180 degree visibility, and come in red/white and green/white, 20 different flash patterns the same ones that cops use that burn your retinas when you...
  7. scottessex

    Sad news

    All you guys that have been around for some time......May Remember John Stevens, I received word that He passed away a couple of weeks ago, I do not know any details, John was 50 years old and had gotten back into RC flying when He got out of gyros about 12 years ago. He will be missed. John...
  8. scottessex

    Russian Collusion!

    It's True! I have been colluding with Tango Gyro, Alex and Paul.....Details to come...
  9. scottessex

    Whats the difference, Trendak, Argo, Celier??

    Can someone explain the differences in the Celier Xenon, Trendak, and Argo gyros? are they all built by the same company, or are they all copies of each other??
  10. scottessex

    Gyro parts for sale

    I have some leftover gyro parts I will be posting pictures of over the next few days. Right now Azusa extra wide 4 inches wide bead to bead, 6" diameter. I'll let them go for $60 + shipping.
  11. scottessex

    Flying at Bensen Days 2017

    Here is a short video of some cow pasture flying at Bensen days 2017 to get you through this cold weather. :) Just wind noise so turn the volume down.
  12. scottessex

    For Vance.....

    And anyone else who appreciates motorcycles, fabrication and land speed records. Young Australian man has quite the skills; Movie trailer: Build dairies...
  13. scottessex

    Dominator rebuild

    I decided to rebuild my dominator it has been flying for quite awhile and has been used as a test mule, so I decided it was time to freshen it up.
  14. scottessex

    temp sender issues...

    I have a rotax blue head here and it has the two wire temp sender, I cannot get the gauge to work, I have always used the single wire senders before...does the two wire sender require a specil gauge? I know one of the wires on the two wire sender is ground, but it makes no difference with the...
  15. scottessex

    Springs on dominator rudder pedals??

    I took my springs off the rudder pedals so I could paint the pedals, Now I cannot figure out how the springs went on...Duh! Does anyone have a picture of how the springs are attached on the dominator? Thanks in advance!
  16. scottessex

    New Sky Cruiser coming to U.S.

    The new Sky Cruiser SC-200 is coming to the US market, right now at 53,900 euro's ($60,700 USD approx) Comes with 125 turbo charged rotax 912 as standard. Some Hungarian dude in Florida will be handling them. Click on the flyer below.
  17. scottessex

    Air command external tank gas caps?

    Where can I get replacement air command gas caps for the external tanks?
  18. scottessex

    New rotax gearbox

    I have a "New" (12 hours) rotax E gearbox 3:00 to 1 ratio, I would be willing to trade for a B box, and a C box, Or a B box and cash. let me know what you have, thanks.
  19. scottessex

    NEW propellers for sale

    For all you builders out there... I have 2 GSC 64" x 32 propellers, they are made for a rotax 503 with 2.58 gearbox in a pusher config. These are the same ones sportcopter uses on their 503 machines. They will not work on my project. One is Brand new, the other used very little and sent back...
  20. scottessex

    Bensen on Craigslist North Ga.