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  1. swilliams

    Eliminating torque roll

    Thanks for posting the video was very interesting to watch. Sincerely SWilliams
  2. swilliams

    Eliminating torque roll

    Thanks for posting the video was interesting to watch. Sincerely SWilliams
  3. swilliams

    Anyone own a 285 or XET?

    Would like to ask you guys is there any counter rotating single or double helicopter kits out there? I've done a few searches and Realy can't find anything. Thanks for your time. Sincerely SWilliams
  4. swilliams

    Moderator or forum administrator Request.

    Glad to hear Moms surgery went well. SWilliams
  5. swilliams

    Vortex sport copter for sale

    Tim I like the blade box where did you have it made? Sincerely SWilliams
  6. swilliams

    Gyroplane Presentation

    You could check with Abid at SilverLight Aviation in Florida he may have one or two from some of the Magazine story's on the AR-1. Sincerely SWilliams
  7. swilliams

    Weight Rotax 912 vs Yamaha YG4

    Greg if your using a commercial scale then you should not need to say about wait and 2-3#. Yo should know exact weight . The problem with your post is you want people to take your word as fact when it's opinion o guess work. I've read many of your post and when people don't just agree with you...
  8. swilliams

    Weight Rotax 912 vs Yamaha YG4

    Yes Greg Iam sher Rotax used a bathroom scale to get there numbers. If you want apples to apple way each piece and post it or do you think that we should just take your word for it? So buy the way what is the longest air time recorded so far on a Yamaha motor? And who's might it be? Apples to...
  9. swilliams

    Rotax C box EATS A BEARING after just 120hrs on YG4

    Mr Mills your sighting one failure and making a assumptions on Rotax descion. So buy your theory when the first Yamaha motor has a catistrofic failure they all will fail. I like the Yamaha motor and believe it will be a valuable asset in the future but it is not made for aircraft or the manor in...
  10. swilliams

    Global cooling

    It's 13 f hear a lite dusting of snow covering the ground with gentle 14 mph winds. Looking forward to the 1-3 inches of snow forecasted for tonight and tomorrow. Aaaaaaaaaaaand we buy tickets on spirit to visit Florida so we can run around in shorts and flip flops for 3-4 days and laugh at the...
  11. swilliams

    Type Certified Calidus

    Steve Abid did not suggesting anything in his post the way I read it. He is stating that the way the FAA does things is different then the way that some people think. He did not imply that there was anything Awryi there. So stop trying to start sh**. You of all people should know that Asking A...
  12. swilliams

    Kolibri's Korner -- a "blog" by a new RAF owner

    I've always had good luck with Advance auto parts in my neighborhood they have always seem to have had quality parts and back there warranty with out ever giving me a problem. Just my experience with my local ones. Sincerely SWilliams
  13. swilliams

    Hi Mr Dublin. My name is Scott Williams and was reading about your Xenon turbo set up. I have an...

    Hi Mr Dublin. My name is Scott Williams and was reading about your Xenon turbo set up. I have an AR1 with a 912 ULS 100hp and when I get the warranty flown off I plan on doing a few mods and the turbo set up you have sounds like it may be something to look at. If you would I would appreciate any...
  14. swilliams

    Self announce radio procedures.

    Thank you all for posting on this thred. It Realy is a helpful topic. Sincerely SWilliams
  15. swilliams

    Kolibri's Korner -- a "blog" by a new RAF owner

    Hey Kolibri. Hope Christmas was good to you and yours. Nice to see your still doing well with you RAF. Sincerely SWilliams
  16. swilliams

    Merry Christmas from SilverLight Aviation

    Merry Christmas Abid. And to all. Good looking Machines. Sincerely SWilliams
  17. swilliams

    Merry Christmas...

    Happy Holidays to You and Yours Paul. Sincerely SWilliams
  18. swilliams

    Calidus going mainstream

    Congradulations to Auto Gyro on the certification. It always good to hear positive things about Gyroplanes. I think you might of miss read Mark treidel post he didn't say anything bad about AG. He did agree that the tower wasn't user friendly to Gyroplanes and worried about the busie...
  19. swilliams

    Good News About My Class 3Medical

    Congradulations. SWilliams
  20. swilliams

    Gyramblings of a gyro-gypsy!

    Thanks Heath. Sincerely SWilliams