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    Dominator for Sale

    Apparently my 'for sale' post was deleted. So I'll try again. The award winning 'Punkin' is for sale. N812A. Single place Dominator, oil injected 582 Blue Head, pull start, 2.62:1 'C' box, coilovers, clear coated (carbon fiber shows) 60" Warp Drive, 23' DWs, 6 gallon auxiliary tank for 12+...
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    Azusa mains on a Dominator single?

    Does anyone have practical experience with putting Azusa wheels on the main gear of a Dom single? I am interested in the brake drum fixture and any necessary mods to the brake mount on the leg. Thanks.
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    Northern Portugal or Spain?

    Are there any gyronauts in Northern Portugal, Northern Spain, or south France? I'm heading there in the Spring and thought it might be fun to meet up.
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    582 Dominator For Sale - Punkin

    582 Blue Head Dominator, pull start, 2.62:1 'C' box, coilovers, 60" Warp, 23' DWs. Custom auxiliary fuel tank bringing total to 13 gallons. About 300 hours. Full complement of instruments - altimeter, rotor tach, EIS, VSI, roll indicator, strobe, Icom IC-A6 with pitot mounted dipole, helmet and...
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    Autogyros in books

    I'm reading 'Winter of the World' by Ken Follett and circa 1937 he mentions an autogyro being used by British police for surveillance. He is usually unerringly accurate in the historical details. Is it possible they were used in this period?
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    Yeah, that's what I'd have done ...
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    Congrats on Aircraft Recover

    Congratulations to Mike Hughes (Earthbound MissFit) on his first aircraft recovery today. An accident at X59, a FW performed the rare inverted landing in the woods. No significant injuries. Mike recovered the aircraft which is likely a total loss. Mike is an A&P, IA, and now a recovery...
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    Need a camera with a narrower FoV

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a camera with a narrower Field of View (FoV} than the GoPro? The GoPro is fine for things like motorsports, but the FoV is so wide that detail is lost. I know their editor let's you zoom but the result is unacceptable. Any suggestions?
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    Behind the power curve

    Was doing a dawn scud run down the beach, observing the number of turtle nests. About 30 secs got distracted by someone apparently poaching a nest. Got behind the power curve and about got an all over wash job. Oops.
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    Red Lion RRPM Battery Replacement

    The Red Lion time-based counter is popular for measuring rotor revolutions per minute (RRPM). A robust, easy to read instrument, it has only two shortcomings: the battery isn't replaceable and the unit is expensive (about $80). But nothing is too challenging for the gyronaut, so here is my...
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    Dominator Nose Wheel

    I've worn my nose tire out. It has the stock 4.00-6 Carlisle 2-ply NFH tire. I bought a replacement wheel and tire at Northern Tool - same size but not even close to similar. Worse, it wobbled around like my brother on a Friday night. Not gonna risk my ride on that POS. I'd like something more...
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    Is the end of GA coming?

    A 3 part series in USA Today
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    Gyronauts in the Blue Ridge/Ellijay GA area?

    I'm going to be in the Blue Ridge area for the next week or so with some time on my hands. Any gyronauts in this neck of the woods interested in some dirt flyin', tire kicking, and jawing?
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    Punkin is for sale!

    Yes, it's true. Trying to buy a beach hooch and may need the money. Excellent value. Check out the classifieds.
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    Lady Gaga hovers

    Is this cool or what?
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    Very Thankful to be Able to Fly

    I had yet another wonderful (wonder filled?) flight in Punkin this morning. In absolutely perfect conditions, I flew for an hour over forested areas, our brackish Indian River, and finally for 30 miles along the Atlantic coastline. Fauna from deer to sea turtles. Where else could I see such a...
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    Experience with Solid State Hard Drives?

    Does anyone have any personal experience with solid state drives? I use a laptop exclusively and this one has been around the world a few times. As a result of rather tough usage, I find that I'm having to replace the hard drive every 1.5 to 2 years. I'm okay with the laptop and really don't...
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    State Sales Tax

    Does anyone have any knowledge of state sales tax on experimental aircraft? I just got tagged with a bill. Ouch.
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    San Francisco, Livermore CA area flyers?

    Are there any gyronauts in the San Francisco, Livermore CA area? Maybe even a CFI I could get some time with? I'm there for business fairly often - every month or two - and would like to get to know some folks to feed my habit while there. Or maybe just advise me on local sites and feeding...
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    Improvements in Training

    Recent events that have impacted me and others greatly, I feel obligated to share some of my thoughts with regard to areas of improvement in pilot training. The purpose of this initial post is to lay a foundation for following posts. Based on many comments by many posters on various topics...