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    A very touching aviation story

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    Radio controlled Dominator.

    Flys as good as the real thing
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    Flying gyroglider car (for a few seconds anyway)

    Never seen blades cone that much!!!
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    The first seat tank?

    Quite possibly the first seat tank ever made.
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    Another gyro falls victim to powerlines

    This is a Tango that just crashed in Russia, two fatalities.
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    Bensen Days 2019

    A great video by Dave Seace's son
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    Something you don't see everyday

    Here's something I've only seen a gyroplane do......ever. I don't speak Spanish, but I know what loco means.
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    Wanted- UH-1 Huey body for static display

    Looking for a body off an old huey for static display only. This is for a friend of mine. Any info welcomed. Ben Harrison
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    A solemn reminder of the importance of securing your cargo in an open cockpit pusher
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    Fighter Jet Gyrocopter

    Stumbled across this on the web, really cool looking gyro. It was for sale last year in Australia. If anyone has knowledge of it, please share. Seller's description Date Listed:02/12/2015 Condition:Used GYROCOPTER Twin Tail $15,500.00 Negotiable Perth, Wanneroo, WA GYROCOPTER - Twin...
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    Wake turbulance video

    Very informative video about wake turbulence, and what can happen if you take off or land behind a heavy airplane. A link to a full report is in the narrative.
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    Elephant in the room

    Somebody pinch me. The forum is suddenly cancer free. The sky is bluer, the grass is greener. The elephant in the room, is gone. Here's to hoping it stays that way :wave:
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    Rubber Powered Autogyro - National Record!

    This is pretty cool 930mg is .033 of an ounce
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    Doug Hughes on The Young Turks
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    Where's that Moron now?
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    Chasing Dave Seace
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    Dominator Gyro's in Japan

    Operating from an 820' runway!!! At the Karas Aerodrome, on the southeastern tip of Karasucho, on the Kumozo River
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    New helicopter company

    Up-and-coming helicopter company looking for investors.
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    Four bladed gyroplane

    In case you haven't seen this. I'd be interested to know what the pros and cons would be for such a setup. I can think of a few cons: weight, cost and maintenance.