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  1. Gyro_Kai

    Lockdown picures

    Hello, we have closedown like most places, but luckily it does not apply to most airfields. On Good Friday we had fatastic weather, the even though we had high pressure for a while and the air normally gets hazy, but without pollution it was perfect. I have added pictures from places which...
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  3. Gyro_Kai

    Forum down?

    Is it just me or is the forum sofware down? Kai.
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    I get this error when trying the "latest activities" button. Can someone please have a look? Kai.
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    Russian Ultralight Gyro with folding Mast

    Hello, we had this as a topic before: unfortunately many videos are deleted now. I wonder if anyone still has a video (link) of how the folding mechanism works? If I remember...
  6. Gyro_Kai

    Gyroplane Statistics, last 3 years

    Hello, here we are again. I know, you have been waiting and I'm late, so here are last few year's statistics on the German gyroplane market. I have failed to present this lately, so I will catch up for the trend. Again for the non regular reader: In Europe we have a deregulated class called...
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    Photos don't work

    Hello, I tried to post some photos in the respectibe thread. After uploading and positioning the pictures in the post, I get the error message "please upload at least one photo". What is this? Kai.
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    Videos do not display

    Hello, I keep having difficulty posting videos. See this post: Kai.
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    Firefighting on Maui

    While driving around South Maui we came across a grass-fire blocking our way. Soon the firebrigade arrived, but with with a helicopter. And in case you wondered, yes, in the state of Hawaii the firebrigade is yellow. Video here Kai
  10. Gyro_Kai

    Gyroplanes on Hawaii

    Hello, I will spend a couple of weeks on Hawaii and I wonder, if there are any gyro-nuts still in this beautiful spot. Many have moved or not posted for a long time. I will be on Oahu, Big Island and Maui in the next weeks. Would love to meet someone, Kai.
  11. Gyro_Kai

    Happy Birthday Vance Breeze

    Happy Birthday, Vance, hope you have a wonderful day with some flying in it, Kai.
  12. Gyro_Kai

    Harrison Ford again

    Although the official statement was, that he had engine trouble after take-off, it looks like he has been doing too much low and slow. Can somenone introduce him to gyroplanes...
  13. Gyro_Kai

    jetpack at last

    And this one flies not for 30 seconds but for 10 minutes up to 100 mph: Kai.
  14. Gyro_Kai

    Paul in Germany

    Hello, Paul Plack came to visit me in Germany, and of course we got some flying in, even though the visibility was marginal. (click pictures to enlarge). Meet the team: And up we went: Over some villages The city of Bingen and a tower with beautiful fall colored trees. We would have...
  15. Gyro_Kai

    another commercial with gyroplane, this time an ELA

    here it is: Kai.
  16. Gyro_Kai

    Gelnhausen Fly-in

    Every year, around this time, there is and Ultralight and Gyroplane fly-in. Every year, it seems, around this time, weather caves in and many cancel their attendance because flying in, is not an option. So, as the Trixy team came with trailers, they surely had a head start. Early afternoon got...
  17. Gyro_Kai

    Summer Flying 2

    And another trip took me South. Some landscape Here comes the River Rhine again, southbound Circling over the reporting point, right over that Autobahn-intersection Going into Mannheim ....
  18. Gyro_Kai

    Summer Flying 1

    Hello, we had a spectacular summer with temperatures up to 40 C (104 F) and so I could get some flying done. After taking off over the Rhine river and the stone-ship (click pictures to enlarge) I flew East over a theme park that looked strangely deserted Saw the Kronberg Castle Sports arenas...
  19. Gyro_Kai

    3D printing going into serial production

    ok, only for a very small series, but still, quite interesting: Kai.
  20. Gyro_Kai

    Paypal payment broken?

    Hello, is the paypal payment function on the PRA website broken? I tried to pay my dues, but couldn't, Kai.