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    Rotax 915 is not for new pilots

    A year ago when I had the opportunity to fly several different gyros, including the AR1, Magni M24, Cavalon, Tercel, and Taurus, I noticed that I had more trouble keeping the Tercel and Taurus on the centerline on takeoff when flying solo (not a problem with the weight of two people). At the...
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    Cavalon for sale

    My father is selling his Cavalon with Rotax 914. It may be with nicest used Cavalon on the market, with dual Garmin glass displays, ADS-B, etc. It was professionally built in Michigan (if I remember right). At each annual the inspectors have told him that it is the best built Cavalon they have...
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    Help me decide on interior color

    I'm going to order a Magni M24 (you can see my review in the Magni forum). The big question is white or black for all the plastic in the interior. The black looks better, and hides dirt better, but will it be much hotter in the summer? Heat is already an issue with enclosed gyros. If flying...
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    Test flew the Magni M24 yesterday

    I went to Texas and met up with Dayton (great guy BTW), and flew the M24 for over 2 hours. I am able to compare it to the Tercel, Taurus, and Cavalon. (The Taurus is a Tercel with staggered seating with the pilot in the middle, and room for either two people or one passenger and tons of...
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    Magni M24?

    I have my private and have flown the Cavalon and Tercel. I really want a gyro with the power of the 915 for our high density altitude. I never considered Magni, and would like to know from owners the pluses and minuses? How is the rotor? Build quality? Is there anyone near Salt Lake City that...
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    Got to fly the AR-1

    I have my Sport license in Gyro and about 30 hours in the Cavalon. I had the pleasure of flying the AR-1 while on a work related trip to Orlando. Because it is a relatively small operation, I was ready to find a gyro that looked more home built. Instead, I was really impressed with the...
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    Change propeller pitch in the summer?

    All summer I flew the Cavalon with the 914. We are at 5,000 feet, and in the summer, density altitude can be 8-9,000 feet. With two people averaging 180lbs and 10 gallons of fuel, we could barely climb at max continuous power, and maybe climb at 500 ft/min at takeoff power. I was wondering if...
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    Would you buy a Cavalon that had an "incident"?

    I earned my Sport License, and I'm looking to buy a side-by-side. The Auto Gyro dealer near me has a Cavalon with low hours that had a tip over. He said the tail is new, along with the blades and entire rotorhead. The scratches on the side of the cabin have been repaired and it looks new. Price...
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    New gyro planned with jump takeoff?

    My father owns a 2017 Cavalon, and said that he may sell it next year because there are rumors that they will have a gyro with jump take off soon. I'm skeptical. Anyone else hear that too?
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    Gyro engine reliability

    I have started my gyro training recently, because I was under the impression that it is a safer way to fly than a fixed wing aircraft. I understand that with a gyro, in the even of an engine failure, I have far more landing options than in a Cessna 172. However, if the engine failure rate is...
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    Auto-Gyro or Aviation Trendak?

    I'm learning to fly Gyroplanes in the U.S.. Once I get my rating, I will need to purchase my own. I was originally leaning toward the Cavalon from Auto-Gyro because it has been around a few years, the company has certifications in many countries and appears to build a safe, quality product...