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    First gyro? Air Command 503

    Damo65.... I have flown my Gyrobee with a 447 at my home airport in New Mexico for 50 or 60 hours now. Altitude is 3200 ft. and DA will go to 6000 ft. I have 24' Dragon Wing blades. I weigh about the same as you and my gyro weighs in at 310 lbs. After training and starting to transition to your...
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    Gyrobee flying

    The weather was perfect yesterday for a quick jaunt around the airport. Having a blast flying!! My Gyrobee has a 447 and 24' Dragon Wing blades. Airport elevation is 3200' with DA usually over 4500'.
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    Gyrobee flying

    Made my 2nd trip away from the comfort of the airport this past Saturday! The grin will not leave!
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    Returning to airport

    No...I think those temps are gone for this year!!
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    Returning to airport

    Had a wonderful flight yesterday! About 50* and some wind.
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    helicopter crash

    gd... ask for a simple explanation and get jumped on! Wow!
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    Rotor rpm

    Thanks for the offer but have already made flight plans and car rental. Leaving here on Thursday and returning on Sunday. I do not have a 503 yet and would be really happy to find a good deal on a 532 or 582. Always have my eyes and ears open! Kent
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    Rotor rpm

    Thank you for all your input!! It is being digested and stored for use. I have 10 hours of instruction from Henry Foster in Olney, Tx. Family matters stopped me from getting airborne over ther winter. I think I am just not used to the 24' blades and will work with them some more. I am going to...
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    Rotor rpm

    I own Rick Martin's old gyrobee. I have done several hours of balancing on the mains and 5 or 6 runs of flying the runway. I got distracted while taking the rotors off on my last successful run in July and lost my teeter bolt and hat bushings. I was using 23' blades during that time. I ordered...
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    Rotor rpm

    I am using a Wunderlich prerotator. They seem to come up to 120 rrpm with no problem and then I start my roll. After several hundred feet, slowly adding power and stick full back, they barely get to 190 and get the nose wheel up. Adding more power I see top speed of about 220 to 250 rrpm. Is it...
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    Rotor rpm

    I am having a problem so thought I'd ask the knowledgeable people for some help. I have Gyrobee with 447 and 24' DW blades. Am just learning and have done some runway flying only. In Sept., I went to the airport to do some more practicing and my rotor blades will not come up to speed like they...
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    bee cruisin on a sunday

    Thanks for letting us fly along with you! Kent
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    Mid-West to West Cost Flight Try this and see if it will work.
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    Mid-West to West Cost Flight

    Tracking Tracking​shared/faces/​viewspots.jsp?glId=1xgh5QZboQtX​AEJitHXhLDizDpQK0mtgq Password is MAGNI.
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    " Home Intruder"

    Take a look at this! Kent
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    Ok I will give it a try!! Will email you shortly.

    Ok I will give it a try!! Will email you shortly.
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    Some Fancy Flying

    These guys are good!!
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    25' DWs

    Penguin-- I sent you a PM.
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    Guess whats at my airport...

    Neat plane!! Mr. Rutan flew it in to my home airport in the late 90's. He was on his way to the UFO show in Roswell, New Mexico. He and his group stayed the night and then went on to Roswell. Enjoyed talking with him!! -Kent
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    Precision Landings Gyroplane Training Video

    I really enjoy being along for the ride!! Thanks guys!!