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    2 Blade prop

    I am fascinated with trying a two blade prop on my new gyro. Given that most of the vibration is on two blade props on a tractor with the 2 per rev pulse hitting the windscreen and buffeting the whole airframe. Naturally we won't have that on a pusher, so is the problem less severe on a pusher...
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    GoGo Gadget gyrocopter

    I have never seen this before. Not sure if that comes up as a link, maybe someone could link it it's worth a look. wolfy
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    Swedish yoke

    To Chuck, Jean Cluade etc, I am just starting to get back into gyro's and was hesitant because of having to deal with the very annoying 2 per rev shake. So I am wanting to try my version of the Swedish yoke. I can't find any pictures of Joe Pires version (can anyone point me to them) but have...
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    Hi Norm, Hey reading some of your post mate you have clearly built a lot of gyros, If you had some spare time mate do you think you could tell us about the machines you have built? Would make for good reading I'm sure. wolfy
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    Electric helicopter

    Electric flight is getting closer. wolfy
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    Rosco 912

    Posting here instead of aussie forum because I cant get onto aussie forum. Rosco open frame with 912uls bolly prop 26' tw goodwins 27' AK powerfull sportcopter pre-rotator lots of extras PM for more details and price Is there any aussies here who could post for me onto asra site please? some...
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    Private mesages

    Gday birdy hey I sent you a couple of questions a while back in a pm never done one before did you end up getting it I don't know if it sent I cant even see it my end. wolfy
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    top video

    Gday all not sure if this has been shared before no gyro's but this is one of the better airshow clips in a while, top location and top shots. not sure how to put up a link so hopefully this typed in will get you there. Or its called Airshow Budapest...
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    Diesel power

    Hi all, I am fascinated with diesel powered aircraft, I have just been looking at those 3 cylinder Kubota engines around the 1 litre size. Allthough on paper there power and torque are way short of whats needed there weight is something to work with. Im just curious to know wether like most...