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    old redrive

    Jim, I'm in the central time zone.....not sure what your time zone is. Call me any time.
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    old redrive

    Jim, I just spoke with Marvin. He said he didn't know how he could help you but wouldn't mind speaking with you. Call me at 501-514-4842 and I'll give you his phone number.
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    Prop question

    Wolverine, what brand prop are you trying to balance? If you purchased them new as a set they should be balanced by the manufacturer. You should be able to use a cooking scale that measures in grams and sand on the two heaviest props until all three are withing a couple grams of each other.
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    old redrive

    Hi Jim in Eastern Iowa, I have kept up with Marvin over the last several years and he has stopped making redrives. Marvin's a nice guy.
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    Prop question

    Guys, thanks for your responses, but can't say I'm convinced with any answer. XXavier's response is the most logical.
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    Prop question

    Guys, I have a question I can’t seem to get an answer for. If you have a four blade prop and the chord at the widest point is 3 inches for each prop, you would have a total of 12 inches of prop chord. Then if you have a three blade prop with each prop having 5 inches of chord, you would have a...
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    Tall tail and intake manifold for sale

    Selling Rotorhawk tall tail with horizontal stab. $300.00. Also, intake manifold with Holley carb for Subaru EJ22. $300.00. Richard Kennedy 501-514-4842 Located in Conway, AR.
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    Control Fork

    Jazzenjohn, you are exactly right. Thanks for the response.
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    Control Fork

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a control fork like the one shown. Does anyone have one like this that they would part with, or does anyone know who manufactured this unit? Richard Kennedy 501-514-4842.
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    Hi Warren, you might try calling Paul Vagner at Tango Gyros (770-310-0355) He's a super nice...

    Hi Warren, you might try calling Paul Vagner at Tango Gyros (770-310-0355) He's a super nice guy. They use a Russian made gear box on their gyros that are very well made. I am flying one on my gyro with a souped up Subaru EJ-22 engine putting out about 150 HP. Not sure but they may even be...
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    Don Parham retiring

    Don, best wishes on your retirement, certainly well deserved. Thank you so much for the many times you helped me on my harness and EJ-22. I finally have the motor lined out and doing fine. I'm glad you're still planning on doing consultant work, you have so much knowledge on the Subaru...
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    Custom modified kb3 for sale

    Bump... still available.
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    Mac prop hub assy puller

    Van, I have one you're welcome to use if you'll pay the postage both ways. Call me at 501-514-4842. Richard Kennedy
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    Custom modified kb3 for sale

    Modified KB3 (N75475) gyro with Dominator nose pod and custom tall tail. 23’ Dragon wings and Wunderlich prerotator, $7500. CLT machine that fly’s rock solid with no bad habits. 8.5 gal fuel tank. Grey head 582, no oil injection, B box PSRU. 430 hours on engine and runs great. 60” 3 blade...
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    Chat Room Setup

    What is the size limitation on pictures for the "for sale" section?
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    Yamaha Snow Engine Source

    Jason, check out and specifically their SPG-3 or SPG-4 gearbox. I have the SPG-4 on a Subaru EJ-22 and the unit is very well made. It also has a 5 year/500 hour warranty. I think they also supply adaptor plates to match the engine. Worth considering.
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    Flying the EA82 in my Air Command.

    Bobby, that EA-82 is sounding good, sure glad it worked out for you.
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    Wanted, Rotax C-Box with 2.0:1 gear

    Hey Bobby, glad to hear you were able to come up with a prop setup that would work with the EA-82.
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    Subaru 2.2 has limited rpm

    Robhodgman and Khallups, the earlier EJ-22 engines could go into “limp mode” under certain circumstances. As I understand it, it would limit the rpm’s to protect the engine yet allow the engine to run enough to get the car home. I didn’t see any indication as to what years your motors come from...