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  1. helipaddy

    Don't need any extra TP

    As usual, follow the money..
  2. helipaddy

    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    switch the headers around, front to rear.
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    Mini EFIS for gyros

    Leigh, Here's a MGL Discovery Lite Screen I knocked up a few minutes ago. You could resize it to and print it and see of the digits are legible when sitting on the seat. Paddy
  4. helipaddy

    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Leigh, I’ve the Explorer lite in my plane with the RDAC XG and designed my own custom screens. The MGL kit is excellent. Give me a shout if you need anything. paddy
  5. helipaddy

    Jabiru 2200 in a Gyro?

    They have never worked successfully in the pusher configuration. A few have tried in the UK on Weightshift and all had cooling issues, they were changed over to Rotax
  6. helipaddy

    Aviomania - Viking First Impressions

    I'm pretty sure he was talking about Eggenfellers actions, not Aviomania.
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    XXavier Yes it has been sorted with the new 145C hub bar. But after buying a 154B bar for a different SB, and then buying a 145C hub bar for our machine, I'm hoping this hub bar and teeter block is made correctly with the material specified in the type approved drawings
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    And another issue ​​​​​​ Here's the description from the Spanish Authorities: ​​​​​​"As a result of breakage of the hub bar in the area of blade attachment in a microlight gyroplane manufactured by ELA AVIACIÓN S.L., model: ELA-07 R-100...
  9. helipaddy

    Aviasport Rotor tach Wiring issue?

    We also got erratic readings on our Aviasport and changed the ELA's rotor tach to a MGL infinity RV1. Works perfectly now. if you want a Colour screen check out the MGL Vega range.
  10. helipaddy

    Wireless Rotor tach.

    Its a great project Jake. Are you using the same pickup coil for power and RPM sensing? Are you rectifying the pickup coil with the diodes, then charging a capacitor for powering the oscillator and also using the pickup coil AC voltage to Frequency Modulate the 88.1? You might want to keep in...
  11. helipaddy

    Aviasport Rotor tach Wiring issue?

    Put a 5 or 10K ohm resistor between the rpm input on the gauge and ground. (Between pin 2 and pin 3)
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    use citroen 2cv dyane engine for gyrocopter

    I restored two Citroen 2CV's years ago. The engine wouldn't pull the socks off a dead man.
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    Electronic airspeed and altimeter?

    The pionter is mechanical on the Kanardia. And very effective
  14. helipaddy

    Electronic airspeed and altimeter?

    Kanardia are all electronic with analog and digital display, plus CAN bus output for other instruments.
  15. helipaddy

    Electronic airspeed and altimeter?

    Here's two neat Airspeed/Altimeter combination instrument manufacturers if you are short on panel space or want to save on weight.. kanardia do some really neat lightweight digital and analog mix instruments: Good friends of mine are the Irish...
  16. helipaddy

    Blade detached in flight - Fatal - ELA

    I wonder which of the blades was found away from the impact site
  17. helipaddy

    New Radiator Installed

    I think its an excellent mod, I definitely got a speed increase. my old rad had to be taped up to get the 582 to a reasonable working temperature in flight, there was at least a square foot of flat plate area causing drag.
  18. helipaddy

    Stick Shake and control friction

    Maybe electrically adjusted dampers like on high prrformance motorcycles like the Honda cbr1000 which have the damping rates controlled by the computer sensing the speed of the bike could be modified where strain gauges on the stick would reduce the damping effect when they sense pilot input
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    Stick Shake and control friction

    I think the snag with using something like this is those dampers are tuned to a particular frequency, we have a rotor that is varying in RPM (frequency) depending on load.
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    Dominator measurement needed

    My single Dominator has 5-6" clearance between the blades and the top of the tail. Stick full back on the stop and blades back on the teeter stop.