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    Prop question

    Guys, I have a question I can’t seem to get an answer for. If you have a four blade prop and the chord at the widest point is 3 inches for each prop, you would have a total of 12 inches of prop chord. Then if you have a three blade prop with each prop having 5 inches of chord, you would have a...
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    Tall tail and intake manifold for sale

    Selling Rotorhawk tall tail with horizontal stab. $300.00. Also, intake manifold with Holley carb for Subaru EJ22. $300.00. Richard Kennedy 501-514-4842 Located in Conway, AR.
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    Control Fork

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a control fork like the one shown. Does anyone have one like this that they would part with, or does anyone know who manufactured this unit? Richard Kennedy 501-514-4842.
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    Custom modified kb3 for sale

    Modified KB3 (N75475) gyro with Dominator nose pod and custom tall tail. 23’ Dragon wings and Wunderlich prerotator, $7500. CLT machine that fly’s rock solid with no bad habits. 8.5 gal fuel tank. Grey head 582, no oil injection, B box PSRU. 430 hours on engine and runs great. 60” 3 blade...
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    Airtrikes SPG-4 geared PSRU

    Does anyone have any knowledge about the SPG-4 spur gear redrive sold by Airtrikes? They offer a complete conversion kit for the Subaru EJ-22 that includes the bell housing, coupling/damper, geared redrive and all the hardware necessary to install. Their website advertises a 5 year / 500 hour...
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    Need some opinions please

    Hey guys, I need some opinions please. I have a drop keel Bensen style gyro with an enclosed Falcon body and large horizontal stab. It’s a heavy gyro so I have an EJ-22 on it. I have a Brock style 8.5 gallon seat tank but I want more fuel capacity. I spoke with Jake about his 14 gallon seat...
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    Need ivo magnum prop

    Looking for 3 blade Ivo Magnum pusher prop 66” or longer. Needs to be right hand turn when standing in prop wash. Richard Kennedy 501-514-4843
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    Wiring harness for ej22

    Guys, here's a tidbit for someone building up an EJ22 and needing a wiring harness. Many of us don't have the inclination to try to wrangle the harness out of a Subaru. Go to They're nice guys and have the wiring harness available for sale.
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    Ej22 ecu and wiring harness needed

    Does anyone know of an EJ22 ECU and wiring harness that is available. This is for a fuel injected motor. I would consider trading a Rotor Hawk tall tail and horizontal stab for a good set or purchasing outright. If you know of one or think you know of one that might be available please call...
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    Looking for a motor mount for the EJ22

    Anyone have a motor mount for the EJ22, preferably the type used for the Sparrowhawk conversion? If you do please PM me or call me at 501-514-4842. Thanks! Richard Kennedy
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    Rotax 582 muffler

    I'm looking for a used Rotax muffler for a 582. Need the #973-197 side muffler with short return. Anyone have one lying around in the way?
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    Rebuilt Rotax 582 for sale on ebay.....

    Hey guys, there's a pretty decent deal on a rebuilt Rotax 582 on ebay. It includes a fresh rebuild (by a reliable rebuilder that is known), a C-box with clutch, warp drive 62" prop, new carbs, and electric starter. The buy-it-now price is $4500 and starting bid $2500, I think. The item # is...
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    B.J. Boykin

    B.J. Boykin, current president of the Arkansas chapter of PRA, passed away Thursday 1/26/06 from heart failure. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family.
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    Custom built 2 seat gyro for sale

    Custom built 2 seat gyro for sale.
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    Question about Rotax 582

    :confused: Can someone please tell me what the oil line that comes from the rotary valve reservior and goes to the bottom of the 582 is for? Is there a reservior of oil in the bottom of the engine?
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    Dominator nose pod

    Several years ago I modified a Brock KB3 for centerline thrust and put a Dominator nose pod on front and a Rotor Hawk tall tail and horiz stab on back.  I didn't like the looks of the inside of the nose pod, the yellow fiberglass finish.  James Chowns from the Louisiana PRA chapter told me how...