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    Gyros for sale at Bensen Days

    This is just a heads up for anyone in the market to buy a gyro soon. I know of at least 6 machines that will be for sale at Bensen Days 2020. 1. A 582 single Dom 2. Dave Seace's Tandem Dom Subaru Green Monster 3. Dave Seace's new Tandem Dom - 912 powered 4. Dave Seace's 503 single Dom 5. Joe's...
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    Requesting contact info

    I'm a happy Yamaha guy and am setting up another engine/C-box combo. Does anyone know what's going on with Todd (Racer). I'd like to buy his custom clutch parts and his rear adapter plate, but I can't seem to contact him. Also, if anyone has a source for these parts please let me know...
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    Looks like a party gettin' ready to happen

    It looks like the Morons are gathering for their usual New Year's mischief. So far I've heard from Steve McGowan, Slow Joe, Dave Seace, Brooke Beetler, Mike Boyette, Kevin & Lisa Aurandt, Eric & Callie Bruce, maybe even Jake and Bud Oneal. I have calls in to the Zephyrhills and a new guy here in...
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    23' Dragon Wings

    Looking for a set of used but good 23' Dragon Wings. Call Ralph at 386-688-0805.
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    Improved hydraulic pump flanges available

    Knowing that there has been a problem with the lower unit pump flanges breaking, I approached a machinist friend of mine and had him make up some better flanges out of billet 6061-t6 instead of using the stock cast units. I already had a 4 bolt unit on mine but I replaced it anyway. He also made...
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    Prop for Sale

    66" ground adjustable Ivo, for a pusher Rotax 2 stroke gearbox setup, stock prop with adjustable hub, $400, call Rick at 941 812-7182, will be at Bensen Days.
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    Wauchula New Years Fly-in 2016-17

    The Morons will be up to their usual shenanigans for New Year's weekend. One difference this year is that Bud has managed to arrange legal use of the campground. You guys know the way we do it, loose and easy. So just bring what you want to eat and drink and let's party! I'm sure Joe will...
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    Items for sale at Bensen Days

    This is just a first post to alleviate the "Oh man, I wish you had told me earlier" syndrome. I will add some more info in the next few days. 1. We have a ready to fly Sport Copter Vortex for sale: 25' 8" chord Sport Copter blades, new style rotor head, rough terrain front tire, Rotax 670...
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    Source for Earhart's Quote

    In my reading over the years I have seen many references to Amelia Earhart's quote in which she basically says that gyroplanes are the safest type of aircraft. Can someone please direct me to the actual publication or interview containing this subject? Thanks,
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    New Years get together at Wauchula

    As usual, on the first weekend of January, and especially Saturday Jan 2nd, we'll be getting a few people together in Wauchula for our New Years get together. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of gyro heads hangin' out. Come one, come all
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    Almost New Rotax 503 DCDI with extras

    I purchased this engine about 7 months ago from a gentleman who used it for only ten hours. It was broken in correctly and has been stored properly. It comes with a Rotax B-box (2.58:1) both carbs, a complete side exhaust (with the good stainless steel mount system) throttle cables & splitter...
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    62" Warp Drive Prop for sale

    This prop includes the more desirable HPL hub. The prop is used and shows normal wear with one small/shallow nick which I have already repaired. Asking $595 - A new one is around $800. For those who don’t know, since Warp Drive props are solid carbon fiber, they can be cut down to any...
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    New RFD Rotor Head

    New RFD single bearing rotor head with standard ring gear This head was purchased new a few years back but used only once. As you can see, it is virtually new. I purchased it from a gentleman who decided not to follow through with his project. When I purchased it about nine months ago it was...
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    New 23' Dragon Wings For Sale

    These blades were purchased a few years back but used only ten hours. As you can see, they are virtually new. I purchased them from a gentleman who sold his project for parts. The blades are at the Sunstate hangars in Wauchula. Asking $1700 Call Rick at 941 812-7182
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    KCHN Redneck Cookout/Get together 12-5

    Saturday, December 5, 2015 - 11:00am Don't miss this one! Danny Kelly is bringing the Redneck Yacht Club cooker and is going to treat us to some good southern cookin'. Covered dish. Bring your own drinks.
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    Yamaha Genesis 120 - What oil are you using?

    Just kind of taking a survey about what oil you guys are running in your Yamaha 120's. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks,
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    6" Asuza aluminum tri-star wheel

    Anybody have an Asuza 6" aluminum tri-star wheel that you don't need? Used is fine. I only need one.
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    Can you offer advice on this trip?

    Hey guys, I’m looking for some advice about a trip I’ll be taking in September. I’ll be driving from San Jose, California to San Diego and back. Then also from San Jose up to the Florence, Oregon area. I’m visiting friends and attending a high school reunion. The advice I’m seeking is about...
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    "As Wauchula Turns"

    Eventually when Jim, our airport manager, does have to vacate the airport (he's fighting eviction now) the city manager will more than likely come after us. Knowing this, we have started talks with the city of Arcadia (20 miles south of Wauchula). The Arcadia city council has long sought Jim's...
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    All the best to you and yours

    The news lately is so depressing. Sometimes it looks like the world in general is falling apart and that there is not very much to be positive about. For weeks now, Jim, myself and other club members have been spending so much time fighting all the corruption and cronyism threatening our...