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    Oshkosh 2020

    It's almost not worth digging through "stats." Nothing is apples-to-apples in a situation like this. For example, almost half the deaths in the initial wave were in nursing homes. But can you really say they were caused by Covid-19? This study was quoted on the website of the University of...
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    Oshkosh 2020

    This whole thing has been fascinating to watch. First, we were told we needed to be locked down for 2-3 weeks to avoid overwhelming the emergency rooms. Then it somehow turned into waiting to go back to work till summer. (Or, fall or later in CA and other places.) Many people don't have that...
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    ROTR 2020!

    So were we, Vance. I hope to see you at El Mirage in September. That place is about as socially-distant and unreliant on infrastructure as it gets.
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    ROTR 2020!

    The construction closures at Cedar City only affected airlines, so it actually looked like a rare opportunity to have a big airport to ourselves! I guess the good news for the airport is the dive in airline travel is happening when they'd planned to be closed anyway.
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    ROTR 2020!

    Rick & All: We've made the difficult decision to cancel ROTR 2020. It's not about politics; Doug and I are both fans of continuing with the event. It's about the availability of any of the services we'd counted on to be available for attendees. We'll reset for June 8-12, 2021, and hope to see...
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    Mini 500 Airworthiness Directives

    A flying machine that old is actually worth less with only three hours, so it's not likely made-up. I seem to recall other Mini 500s which were built and never flown by original builders. That three hours may be all time on the ground.
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    Mini 500 Airworthiness Directives

    Were the Mini 500's certified in Germany? In the US, they were Experimental Amateur-Built, which means there's no such thing as an Airworthiness Directive. I think the best you'll be able to do is find service bulletins from the kitmaker.
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    Oshkosh 2020

    A majority of AirVenture attendees are in a high-risk demographic. Exhibitors don't want to be seen to be on the leading edge of pushing ahead too early. Jack Pelton had to make this call, no matter what he, the members or the board think the risks really are. I think we'll look back one day...
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    Has anyone come across this gyrocopter concept before

    The model is pretty, but the CG looks too far forward to be workable in a real machine.
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Leigh, that's great to hear. There are times when having a radio which works well makes a big difference!
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    " Honey Bee G2"

    The HoneyBee G2 incorporated some interesting ideas, including an adjustable cheek plate arrangement on the two-place to deal with wide variations in pilot and student weight. The G2 appeared to have a thrustline significantly higher than its CG, but a reasonably generous tail volume. Jim...
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    question about prerotation

    Even once a small gyro is airborne, its speed in flight may be below the stall speed of the next landing aircraft in sequence. I'm not sure there's any way to dramatically speed up the process without encouraging the gyro pilot to sidestep the runway immediately after the wheels lift, which...
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    Info on Gas Gauge and Sending Unit

    It's important to note that a fuel totalizer, no matter how accurate, cannot replace the function of a fuel gauge. If you were ever to have a leak in a fuel line or the tank, only a gauge will allow you to detect it.
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    President trump

    Jean Michel, the dictionaries define socialism as government ownership and control of industries. The United States is very close to, and moving in the direction of, socialism. Our government has taken advantage of economic downturns to take partial ownership of two of our three major...
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    Hand held radios

    Neither was an issue in my case. The audio was clear, noise-free and plenty loud. The issue seemed to be that the radio applied some kind of equalization, perhaps matched intentionally to the characteristics of the proprietary headset, that wasn't appropriate for the headset I chose to try.
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    President trump

    The site generally does. This post doesn't. It's easy enough to skip if you don't want to keep reading it. The forum is a community. Sometimes politics or religion is part of the process of getting to know someone better.
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    PRA's group insurance moving forward saving us money!! Update 1st offer!!

    Do the gyro models for X-Plane still have some of the incorrect fixed-wing-based control responses? Last time I tried to fly a gyro in X-Plane, rotor RPM varied with throttle settings instead of loading.
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    They almost missed the flight of a lifetime.

    I flew in Jim's original red, Subaru-powered SCII, and he demonstrated a drop-in landing that made me hold my breath. That suspension is incredible.
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    Need Advice or opinions

    Lots of good suggestions here. I have been told by a couple CFIs that some people have found gyros less likely to cause airsickness than airplanes; one said it's not about the wing loading or easier time in turbulence, but just the different sensation caused by the way roll movements feel vs...
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    Hand held radios

    I did not. Sidetone should affect only what you hear in your own headset. The poor transmit audio quality I'm talking about is what other people hear over the air. I don't believe there's any adjustment available on the radio for that, but I'll take another look when I get a chance.