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    Ron Awad Interview 2012 Details Ron's journey into flight and more specifically gyroplanes. Ron Awad has test flown numerous homebuilts and 'Branded' manufactured gyroplanes over the years and many claim he is a 'naturally gifted pilot'. I flew with Ron at Mentone 2012 for...
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    Vance Breeze Interview 2012 Inspirational, super switched on and apart from his flying and forum contributions Vance also speaks publicly about Gyroplanes at many Fly-Ins around the USA. He is a good friend and one of a kind. Thankyou Vance for sharing your day with me and my family. They just...
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    Doug Riley Interview 2012 Great Guy, lots of knowledge, super articulate. Thanks Doug.
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    Butterfly Back In The Air Lost my instruments several times. Old dicky battery. This was my 5th flight after a 3 year layoff out of the air. I have the Aurora head on it now. 26ft manufactured Goodwin blades. 582 rotax with a pull start. High torque pre-rotator. G Force Landing Gear...
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    J.p.harrison, john stark, interview.

    The sound is not good but if you turn it up and adjust occasionally its worth the listen. Lots of good info about the Jump Take Off 18A Gyroplane its history and some of the same from two Blokes who share a keen interest. Remember I said the sound is not good, it has been thru audio scrubbers...
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    Jon Daley 'Master Roda' Interview Sorry for the long 'time out'. Life gets busy eh! I very much enjoyed meeting Jon and checking out SportCopters operations. Enjoy! Mitch
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    Larry Neal Interview OshKosh 2012

    G'Day All, Had the good fortune to catch up with Larry at Oshkosh 2012 and on the last day there got to ask Larry a few questions about his Gyroplane Journey. Mitch.
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    Paul Plack Interview. Mentone 50th 2012. Ten Good Men Series.
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    Go pro killers.

    There are a lot of articles out there about the "Go Pro Killers." There a plenty of little helmet cams out there that are producing quality video with slo mo, 60 fps in 720 p and downwards. The Crocolis I have been using is now only missing a remote control. Now they have these...4 G WiFi SD...
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    Chuck Beaty Ernie Boyette Interview.

    Chuck Beaty & Ernie Boyette Interview August 2012. Ten Good Men - YouTube
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    Extracting pictures and text from a PDF

    G'Day Gents, Good news I will be posting the Chuck Beaty Ernie Boyette Interview tonight on Youtube. Look for the link with 24 hrs. I am currently working on another interview and I have some PDF files with old news paper clippings which I would very much like to attach or weave into the...
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    PPO Video posted recently

    Someone posted a very clear video of a PPO accident a few weeks back and I cant locate it. Could someone post a link for it Please. Thankyou. Mitch.
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    Yaminator Ron Awad 2012.

    It is a sad time at the moment....mixed feelings about Xmas and the JOY it should bring having lost a fellow member. Hopefully this video may throw some light on recent forum discussion regarding rrpm Vs G Load Vs Air speed etc. Not only that but it will give viewers an idea of the sheer JOY...
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    Ultralight Butterfly road trip

    Larry delivering Ultralight Butteryfly to Arizona picture south west New Mexico.
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    USA/Canada Trip

    We are loving North America. West coast USA, up to BC Canada and across to Alberta, down into Montana and tonight in Idaho Falls. Yellowstone tomorrow. Have already seen and had up close encounters with Two Male Grizzly 25 meters from road side. One in creek the other meadow grazing on grass...
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    chilling out in Valemount British Columbia

    Broke the air bag bracket where it attaches to the chasis. Lost a hydraulic line and all the fluid for the leveling jacks. Have no A/C, Furnace, Microwave, or power to the outlets and can not use the slide out. This all happened last night setting up in Mount Robson BC, back tracked today to...
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    Orca in US waters

    Took a whale watching sightseeing trip today from Vancouver headed back down into Waqshington State US waters, caught up with a local resident pod of Orca. Here is a pic I took of a pair. Magnificent creatures. Cheers Mitch
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    Give me 50 seconds of your time.

    Short But Sweet........ This was a gorgeous day and a memorable flight along the coast. Short But Sweet End Of Fall 2012 - YouTube
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    Monarch Gyroplane Departs GeorgeTown for Home Base

    Monarch Gyroplane Depart GeorgeTown For Home Base.mp4 - YouTube This video was shot under the same setup as the previous one which had some stabilisation and 720p. I ran this bit of film through Pinnacle Studio 15, tried some stabilisation settings but was not happy with the results.....the...