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    Check out Barry's Youtube Videos

    That's Franks Grand Wazoo band. I have seen Frank and Dweez many times. Love Franks massive body of work.
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    SHI Prerotator Cable Kit No. 39 Original Builder

    That sounds like the right length for a Sparrow Hawk. Calumet Industries makes flex shafts and can probably shorten yours. [email protected]
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    Stan saying hi

    Hi Stan, I don't get on here very much anymore, nice to see your post. I wish you the best.
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    Lithium battery power tool

    Users of the DJ drone I purchased said you should build a fireproof box (fire bricks, steel case , etc.) to use when charging. If your battery swells up, it is a sign of trouble. There are plenty of these exploding LI ON batteries on You tube. Be safe.
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    Barnet Rolling Frame

    Sadly, I believe he was not able to bring the bunny back from the dead (as he claimed to do with his grandmother and several animals) Yes, he was very weird, but quite book smart. His girlfriend came to the door once and told me he was "sort of there" she said he was in Paris, but on the astral...
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    Club merged with PRA Chapter 18 many years ago.

    Flying 80s. I was a member. Merged with PRA 18 over a decade ago.
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    QUESTION Used Rotax 914 price?

    Anyone have any idea what a 914 with around 200 hours is worth? It just went through an annual at an FBO.
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    Marion Springer Inspiration Award

    I'd like to submit a local pilot, George Smundin, George bought a 2 place gyro a year ago and has been giving rides ever since. He has always been very active in our chapter and volunteered at many, many PRA Conventions. I believe he started flying a VW Bensen in the early eighties and now has...
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    Aeroflash spare bulbs

    Aeroflash beacons are not strobes, and as Jeff say's they are a standard Halogen lamp and quite pricy as I recall. For homebuilt aircraft use, I believe we used standard auto back up bulbs "1156 ??" or 1157, one might be amber. I have a box of Aeroflash components from back in my FBO days...
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    5 Gal Brock seat tank wanted.

    I plan on attending Mentone again this year.
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    5 Gal Brock seat tank wanted.

    Vent your bigger seat tank at the 5 gallon point, perfectly legal. In an emergency, you can rotate the fuel elbow up and put the overflow tube up the mast. You will have full tank capacity for the emergency and possibly, the FAA to reason with. Brock tank was closer to 6 than 5 gallons anyway...
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    Barnet Rolling Frame

    I hate to be a tease. First story. I owned a service station in the early seventies. Joe, a customer of mine, had very similar interests to mine. We had a mutual love of gyroplanes and fast Fords. Joe told he bought a Barnett gyro from a guy named Frank Marchetti and did I want to go with him to...
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    [OT] Wilga on steroids

    The previous owner of the PRA Mentone airport also owned a Wilga for the Mentone skydiving operation.
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    Enclosed RAF trailer for sale

    FINALLY!, Trailer dimensions. 72 in door height clearance 84 in door width clearance 78 in from floor to dome light 200 in length interior 87 in wall to wall 70 in between wheel wells 8 in high wheel wells Began life as an RAF trailer, hauled one small car, once. Mostly stored indoors. Very...
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    Chris Lord October 31, 2018

    Early rotor designs did not have enough chordwise strength. At high rotor speed, the blade will twist nose down as the center of lift moves forward. Rotors with a "reflex" (similar to an up elevator, on the trailing edge, like a fullspan trim tab) are designed to counteract the pitch up. (at the...
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    Chris Lord October 31, 2018

    My recollection of the J-2 and 269 is that they used cables pitch and roll from the cyclic back to the firewall where they mated to push rod tubes. My experience with Bowden style cables is tha if get a busted strand the cable will lock us. I do not believe the Bowden style cables were used on...
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    Chris Lord October 31, 2018

    Si Smith and Jamie's accident was was attributed to rotor blades, not tucking, but flattening out in pitch due to lack of inner support. The blade pitched down and lead to and uncontrollable descent due to very high rotor RPM. You can get the complete story if you search for Si Smith's web page.
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    Chris Lord October 31, 2018

    McCulloch J-2 gyroplanes and their sister ship the Hughes 269- 300 use control "cables" alhough I seem to remember they were not the traditional wire rope in a sheath type of cable. I recall a ribbon supporting bearing balls in a tube. DonRandle would probably know for sure.
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    MAC help needed

    Thank you all. It's been a while since I've messed about with wood props as well. I sure like to have the hub-to-crankshaft bolt torque as well. Thanks again, Tom