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  1. NetPilot

    Bensen Days Camping Registration is OPEN for business

    Folks, Just a note that Bensen Days Camping Registration is now OPEN and available here: Please grab your favorite sites while they are still available! Please forgive if someone has already posted this. I have not seen it. Mark
  2. NetPilot

    Wrens CHALLENGE 2018 - Sep 15 - Carolina and FLA vs. GA!!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is September 15th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. (65J) WRENS IS GONNA ROCK in 2018! Last year we were hoping to see 30 gyros and 200 people. But, due to Hurricane Irma rolling through just days before, we had a slight dip in gyro attendance, seeing 24 in total. Not too bad, but...
  3. NetPilot

    Wrens CHALLENGE 2017 - Sep 15-17 - GA AND Carolina vs. the WORLD!!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is September 15th thru 17th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. (65J) Again this year Georgia and Carolina are joining forces to CHALLENGE Florida, Tennessee, and EVERYONE ELSE in the country (and world) to come out and join the fun! Last year's attendance was 26 gyros and a BUNCH of...
  4. NetPilot

    Wrens CHALLENGE 2016 - Sep 16-18 - GA AND Carolina VS. EVERYONE ELSE!!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is September 16th thru 18th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. (65J) Again this year Georgia and Carolina are joining forces to CHALLENGE Florida, Tennessee, and EVERYONE ELSE in the country to come out and join the fun! The event has been growing steadily over the last several years...
  5. NetPilot

    Going to Bensen Days 2016??? Chime-in!

    BENSEN DAYS is going to be great in 2016!... so who's planning to attend? Sunstate and Florida?- Florida will be out in droves. Who's planning on it for sure? Other Florida folks? Georgia and Carolina? - We expect that Peach State will attend with somewhere close to 20 folks... and, this...
  6. NetPilot

    Wanna' take a helicopter tour in MIAMI. Anybody flyin?

    OK guys... I'm in Miami for the first time ever (Pompano Beach to be exact). Wanna' do a helicopter tour. Are there any Forum members doing Miami area tours? I'd love to ride with someone from RWF... Let me know. If no one is involved in helicopter tours here, does anyone have any...
  7. NetPilot

    Wrens CHALLENGE 2015 - Sep 18-20 - GA AND Carolina VS. EVERYONE ELSE!!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is September 18th thru 20th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. (65J) Last couple of years the Georgia and Carolina Clubs have successfully challenged each other to the point of growing Wrens fly-in from a recently somewhat 'sleepy' event to last year's GREAT turnout which rivaled the...
  8. NetPilot

    Bensen Days 2015 - Georgia/Carolina CHALLENGE... #6!

    OK Carolina guys... Last time we were in Anson County you guys told us that you would make-up for your pitiful Bensen Days 2014 showing: ...and you said that you would bring a contingent to Bensen Days 2015. In fact, in post #13 Scooter...
  9. NetPilot

    Carolina Barnstormers Fall Fly-in - Nov 14-16th - Georgia/Carolina CHALLENGE... #5!

    Carolina Barnstormers Fly-in is November 14th thru 16th! Anson County Airport, (KAFP) Wadesboro, NC. Y'all know the drill. ...throwing down the gauntlet... Yadda, Yadda, Yadda... :whip: The last time we did this at KAFP, the Carolina guys beat us by a fair margin... but not quite the...
  10. NetPilot

    Wrens Fall Fly-in - Oct 24-26th - Georgia/Carolina CHALLENGE... #4!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is October 24th thru 26th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. More info: Hey.. John Roundtree (All-In)... Yes! It's gonna be a party!! :whoo: And to all you Carolina guys... I'm throwing down the gauntlet.. again! Friendly...
  11. NetPilot

    New Top Poster on the Forum?

    I imagine it has happened before, but never while I was watching... I just noticed that Stan Foster has edged out Gyro Ron as Top Poster on the Forum. 15,919 posts right now. Either way, thanks for keeping it interesting around here guys! Mark
  12. NetPilot

    Another Georgia/Carolina Challenge! - Bensen Days 2014 - March 26th thru 29th

    We all know that SunState Chapter 26 will be showing up in droves for Bensen days. It is their party after all! In the spirit of the "Wrens - Georgia/Carolina Challenge" back in October, which ended up being a lot of fun: ...and since...
  13. NetPilot

    $1630 gyro

    Here is a gyro built for $1630. Wonder if he followed Jake's 3-part plan for gyro building?: Mark
  14. NetPilot

    Wrens Fall Fly-in - A Georgia/Carolina CHALLENGE!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is October 25th and 26th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. OK, I am throwing down the gauntlet! I'd like to propose a (friendly) challenge... Wrens Fall Fly-in was formerly known as Rotors Over Carolina (ROC) and when I first attended Wrens in 2008 I met a good number of Chapter...
  15. NetPilot

    Dominator Nosecone For Sale

    SOLD - Want to sell the Dominator nosecone shown in the pictures below. These list (including windshield) for $475. I am asking $225. As you can see, in this nosecone's previous incarnation (in a gyro named "Phoenix") there were a number of cut-outs, and small and medium sized holes cut...
  16. NetPilot

    Wanted: Dominator Ultrawhite parts

    I am on the lookout for a few RFD-spec. parts (in good used, or NOS, condition) for my Dominator Ultrawhite project. Please see pictures for more detail: 1) Instrument Pod: 2) Mounting Bracket/handle for Instrument Pod: 3) Engine mount for Rotax 503: This is actually 3 separate...
  17. NetPilot

    Follow the Irish gyroplane circling the globe in REALTIME...

    I thought you all might enjoy a direct link to this website that allows you to follow (in near real-time) the Irish businessman (forum member: GYROX) in his attempt to circumnavigate the world, in a gyroplane...
  18. NetPilot

    Cool NZ YouTube video called "Dominator Autogyro being flown hard by an expert"

    Cool NZ YouTube video called "Dominator Autogyro being flown hard by an expert" I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this New Zealander pushing the envelope in a Dominator. ...seems that GyroRon may have an alter ego on the other side of the world!?! Enjoy...
  19. NetPilot

    GyroRon Flying at Wrens 2008

    Check out this video I shot of GyroRon Awad at the Wrens 2008 Fly-in, 10/11/08, Wrens, Georgia: Ron, please let me know if you disapprove and I will remove the vid...