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  1. Tyger

    loose vs lose

    I have been seeing this mistake over and over on this forum, and it's making me kind of nuts! :) In order not to embarrass anyone in particular, I'll just point out the difference here. Lose (verb): this is when something goes missing, or, the opposite of "win". Past tense is "lost" Loose...
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  3. Tyger

    AAIB Special Bulletin: 27 October AW169 crash at Leicester, England
  4. Tyger

    Speed at the tips

    "A gyro’'s primary attribute, its ability to safely fly low and slow, makes it an ideal vehicle for chasing feral hogs around Florida bayheads but its inherent inefficiency – wings going 500 mph while the rest of it goes 50 mph, makes it as useful as an item of transportation as a rowboat." – C...
  5. Tyger

    mid-air collision in France, 29 July

    https://france3-regions.francetvinfo...s-1519368.html "Selon des témoins, deux autogires, sortes d'ULM motorisés et dotés d'hélice, se sont percutés en vol à hauteur de la commune de Saint-George-de-Rex, au milieu de parcelles de blé. Au sol, on distingue à peine les deux carcasses des...
  6. Tyger

    accident in Knoxville, IA I am a bit surprised at their trying to get 135hp by adding a turbo to the Rotax 912 ULS...
  7. Tyger

    PAL V at Geneva auto show

    This looks pretty cool (until you see the price!): I've never seen anything quite like that folding prop (except maybe a folding sailboat aux prop).