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  1. Brian Jackson

    Bensen control stick

    What a perfectly brilliant approach! I love solutions like this. Is this something that has been normally done or is this a unique take on a complicated problem?
  2. Brian Jackson

    Stirrable nose wheel or differential brakes.

    Thanks, Greg, For posting this. I had not seen that Kitplanes article before. Very informative, albeit more conceptual rather than specific. I am working on the nosewheel of my build currently so this is very timely.
  3. Brian Jackson

    Bensen control stick

    Hi Sanko. The "Overhead Stick" you are referring to is a direct rotor control rather than the conventional linked systems. The inputs are exactly opposite. In other words, pulling back on the stick of a conventional system pitches the rotor aft, but doing the same with an overhead stick will...
  4. Brian Jackson

    Crescendo Build

    Hi Manchego. I'm still figuring that out myself :) I'm probably more fanatical about it than would normally be needed because most of the edging will be chrome plated (requires a 2-part build-up). So keeping the edge surfacing true, square, flat and smooth is challenging. I use a honing stone...
  5. Brian Jackson

    Crescendo Build

    Thank you, John. Was hoping the tone of my last sentence didn't reek of frustration, but it sorta did. Many of the parts so easily drawn can be so difficult to make. This build has been about perseverance. Some days the finish line just seems so far away.
  6. Brian Jackson

    Crescendo Build

    Hello All. Making use of the quarantine time. Sorry the build postings have been scarce recently. Have some composite tests from earlier postings to share here later but first I wanted to take a big sigh of relief after 2 parts got completed today. They are the vertical strut couplings that...
  7. Brian Jackson

    Short, take off video

    That's awesome, Scott. I thought the title was implying a short take-off instead of the video run time. Camera seems to work great and I hope you share more of your adventures with us.
  8. Brian Jackson

    Taggart Gyro-Bee in CAD

    I have the GrabCAD model and it's pretty accurate, though missing a few bits, as you said the tail. There is not a set standard empennage for the 'Bee IIRC, so you will more than likely be design/building one unless using a pre-manufactured tail. That part is left up to the builder provided...
  9. Brian Jackson

    Hey Chuck, have an idea for a rotorhead, is this possible or just stupid? Advice gladly accepted from all

    I'm trying to envision the arrangement. Do you have a sketch? As I understand it, traditional gyro heads are essentially U-joints. A U-joint only has 2 axis of rotation, being rigid torsionally. What would prevent a spherical bearing from letting the head and control rods try to twist around the...
  10. Brian Jackson

    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    This is really great being able to see the brute-force engineering that is sometimes necessary in projects of this complexity. I believe one of the most telling qualities of an engineer is their response to problems. Denis seems to turn them into shining moments. Very impressive stuff, this.
  11. Brian Jackson

    Rotorway Exec Collective Stuck In Down Position

    480-961-1001 Rotorway Helicopter Manufacturing Co. I am ignorant of all things Rotorway, but would call them first.
  12. Brian Jackson

    DIY Rotorcraft plans

    If you could be more specific about your flight mission, folks here can point you in the right direction. If you want to build a simple, safe open-frame there are a few choices. The GyroBee is a good ship with freely available plans. If you intend to fly a passenger it will require a license and...
  13. Brian Jackson

    Ralph's electric prerotator for GyroBee

    Would any current Butterfly owners with this system be able to document it? I'm unfamiliar with Larry's designs but I would think part numbers of the motor and certain bits might be visible without too much difficulty. I don't know if a list of owners exists that someone could reach out to.
  14. Brian Jackson

    Alphabet soup

    WTF = Weight Transitional Force LMAO = Lift at Mean Airfoil Offset FFS = Forward Fuselage Stabilization I use these a lot when replying to engineers. (sorry, couldn't resist :)
  15. Brian Jackson

    Eliminating torque roll

    I believe I understand now... the distinction is in the context. Thank you for that.
  16. Brian Jackson

    Eliminating torque roll

    Thank you, Doug, for that educational explanation. Perhaps I misused the term then. The "trim tab" I was attempting to describe was a simple bent sheet strip I've seen mounted to trailing edges of rudders & HSs. I recall seeing this type bent to ~20-30 degrees. The item being discussed in the OP...
  17. Brian Jackson

    Eliminating torque roll

    As an academic question, how does this gurney flap differ from a trim tab other than its shape? I have read that a flat trailing edge (instead of a sharp pointed one) produces less drag. Is it something to do with this effect?
  18. Brian Jackson

    Wooden Blades on a Gyro Bee

    Though Ralph makes mention in his documentation that the original GyroBee used Rotordynes blades, he also makes reference to flying the Brock blades, Rotor Hawk, and the original Dragon Wings (with no TE reflex). Sky Wheels and Fleck are also referred to in his docs. I didn't see specifically...
  19. Brian Jackson

    Ideas to save my dominator build

    In an earlier build years ago I had contemplated replacing an overhead garage door with a side-by-side "barn door" style. This would have provided a way to cut a clearance notch through the wall above the door opening for the mast/head to pass through. The notch would have had it's own small...
  20. Brian Jackson

    Some lighter humor

    Kind of "seat of your pants" flying.