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  1. Joe Pires

    Bensen Days Promo

    Still time to make plans to attend!
  2. Joe Pires

    Bensen Days Flyer

  3. Joe Pires

    Awaiting Moderation

    I have posted a few time recently for Bensen Days and found my posts held up for as long as two days. Have I somehow been identified as a problem poster or are all posts being put through this scrutiny?
  4. Joe Pires

    Are you bringing a machine to sell at Bensen Days?

    If you are planning to come to Bensen Days and are bringing a machine to sell you are invited to post it on the Bensen Days Facebook page. I think this link will get you there if you haven't yet visited us.
  5. Joe Pires

    Bensen Days 2020 Event and Camping Registration Now Open!

    I posted this yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared? The registration website for Bensen Days 2020 is now active. If you plan to camp in a full power spot, early is better than later. See you there!
  6. Joe Pires

    Bensen Days Camping Is Open!

    Bensen Days 2020 - March 25-March 30 Visit or use the link below to register for Bensen Days.
  7. Joe Pires

    Tango Gyro - Can they get a section in the manufacturers section?

    Tango Gyro - Can they get a section in the manufacturers section?
  8. Joe Pires

    Scott Lewis's 914 2 place dominator with about about 250 hours

    Scott bought a new ELA Eclipse and has his Dominator up for sale. Its a beautiful machine with an American Flag wrap, and matching helmet. He said he would take 39K and throw in a trailer. If I needed a two place I would have bought it on the spot. Contact him directly I was just posting so...
  9. Joe Pires

    Bensen Days has its own Facebook Page

    If you use Facebook, visit us at
  10. Joe Pires

    Support Bensen Days

    While there will be a Bensen Days this year, unfortunately the money which Sunstate Wing and Rotor Club had is not available to the new organizers so they will be going out of pocket to keep this event alive. If you would like to support a Bensen Days this year and in the future we invite you...
  11. Joe Pires

    Cant access second page of rotorblade section

    I went to visit the page that illuminati listed for rotor blades. Since I could not find it on their actual site, i was going to follow the link in the post....but I got Powered by vBulletin® Version 5.2.6 Copyright © 2018 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. All times are...
  12. Joe Pires

    So Mad I Could Spit - FAA offers a rebate for ADS-B Installs

    Ignore this...turns out its for TSOd versions anyway. removes panty bunch Find out if you are eligible for a rebate: Eligible aircraft: U.S.-registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft first registered before January 1, 2016. WTF?
  13. Joe Pires

    Many of you will remember Tim Chick.

    He lives near Panama City Florida. His house took quite a hit, lost most of his trees but he and his family is safe.
  14. Joe Pires

    I think I hooked one.

    I took a young man and his girlfriend flying a few weeks ago. He is a pilot and they both seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Today he sent me this link and I am pretty sure I hooked one. The good news and the bad news. The bad new is its 15 minutes long. The good news is its 15 minutes about ME...
  15. Joe Pires

    Transponders for Need explanation please.

    So I see a lot of information about adding ADSB to an aircraft that already has a Mode S transponder. I do not have any transponder yet would like to become compliant by 2020. I live and fly within Class B airspace, I know I am supposed to have Mode C but I do not. So is there an extremely...
  16. Joe Pires

    Slinging in the Rain

    We got caught by the rain leaving the EAA breakfast at Arthur Dunn last Saturday. Charlie, my passenger made the most of it though.
  17. Joe Pires

    Does anyone know the history of this aircraft?

    Anyone know about this bird, good bad or indifferent?
  18. Joe Pires

    Found on Facebook 1954 Kiekhaefer-Aeromarine V-105-2 military drone engine. 100 HP

    In Facebook Marketplace
  19. Joe Pires

    Dragon Wings Available ....according to Mike Boyette

    Mike Boyette posted on Facebook, that Dragon Wings are still available. From Ernie's Page Contact Luminati Aerospace at 631-574-2616 for more information. Mike says Ernie is temporarily making them for the company.
  20. Joe Pires

    Peter Rossi

    Peter Rossi of Trixy Aviation has apparently died. The company's Facebook page does not indicate how, when or if it will affect the continued operation.