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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    All_in, Thank you for the further information/update, I look forward to hearing more. Regards Skyjinks.
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Hi Wolverine, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Thank you Vance any information regarding current rating etc., would be helpful. All-In, thank you, a lot of interesting information, just need some time to digest. Where do I send a donation to the research? Thanks to all for responding so far I'll get back when I have more time.
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Vance, Thank you for your response. Can you tell me how many kW the starter is rated at. Thanks Skyjinks
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Hello....I am involved in building a tractor gyro looking something like an old Cierva with radial engine. Has anyone eperience of using an electric pre-rotator for 30ft blades using thyristor control for start and speed control? Any information would be useful. Thanks Skyjinks
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    Calidus - flight review - 5.12

    Getting off the ground Getting off the ground The biggest problem with the Calidus is getting off the ground with two up and fuel for more than a short flight. Makes a great fast single seater but otherwise you need tarmac and lots of it!!!
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    Oil Spill Insights from a Retired Manager

    I'm puzzled! As far as i'm aware BP do not own any drilling rigs. I think the rig involved is owned and operasted byb Transocean. Transocean although registered on foreign shores (tax purposes) is American through and through. How many expat (non American) personnel were onboard the rig? Why...
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    gyrocopter crash

    Beware lest thy airspeed falls and the ground rises up and smites thee! Just as true for Gyro's as for fixed wing aircraft.
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    Mast Donut, is it necessary?

    Great information - I have been having the same problem as Scott but Paul's information made the brain click into gear - obvious when you know?!!!
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    RAF 2000 short takeoff

    What's needed on a short strip like this is a "Jump Hump". I have 1200' on one strip but can get airborne in 300' two up with only a light head wind. I have a small hump at 300'. Originally I was going to get rid of it and smooth it out but it has proven very useful. The jump is just an...
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    I just love the way that SARAF hurls the bait into the pool and watches the frenzied feeding. When you guys going to stop taking the bait?!
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    Interesting Newspaper article (Kindersley RAF)

    The real point is that the "law suit was one by default". If you don't defend yourself you loose by default regardless of the truth or justice of the issue. Seen it happen before - let's hide till it all blows over - not my issue so go away! There are many ways you can put this but basically if...
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    History repeating itself on my 2.2 engine trouble

    It's great to hear this story. In the days of ulra modern technology trial and error and a bit of luck still plays a part. AND where were all the so called experts in this - having a thumb suck!!
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    Eric, Don't know if you got my last mail about sending pics but my son is in Jax this week and...

    Eric, Don't know if you got my last mail about sending pics but my son is in Jax this week and could maybe come and look at it. Have you got a phone number for contact?
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    The BunnyHugger II

    We're in Yorkshire, I have my own strip in Great Heck but the main Gyro field is in Melbourne near Pocklington. Great area, you could visit us and go to York, if you've never been it will be an eye opener and lot's of your fellow countrymen! Regards Charles
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    The BunnyHugger II

    Just a comment on the pre-rotator cable that may be helpful - the bend is pretty acute. I and several others this side of the pond have found that the cable life is extended if the spacer at the clutch end is shortened by about half so the bend radius is not so great, it increases max RPM...
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    Are we all just crazy for flying gyro's

    Crazy is in the eye of the beholder - you wouldn't get me on a pair of Skiis or a Horse for love or money!
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    The 5206 rotor head bearing

    Agreed Chuck but you have to be very careful with Chinese Manufacture. There are some good bearings come ouit of China because they are made with Western technology and management. There are lots of crap bearings come out of China because they are counterfeit. Just because it says Fafnir, SKF...
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    Chopper ticket confusion

    Wow, I'd hate to think that I was jumping into a choper from a gyro with only a check ride. I think the 30 hours is probably about right unless you want to learn the hard way!!
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    RAF Re-drive?

    One point worth noting and I think ignored is that a bigger upper pulley/sprocket (required for the 4 blade prop) requires the top pulley to be moved upward to get the right circumfrntial wrap around (tooth contact) on the lower sprocket. This moves the thrust even further away from the C/L...