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    what would be the perfect gyro ?

    Only thing i require in an ideal gyro is for it to have FFA approval under LSA.
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    My HS build. Part 2

    Sorry Doug. I've been on hiatus and haven't been on in a while. Just cost. That's all. The only 2 reason i can imagine CF needing to be used is weight or strength. I haven't seen the whole machine, but i normally assume it's not a Part 103 machine, since it's my understanding they're very...
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    Nighttime Magni M-16 Flight

    The weather is amazing here in Austin this time of year. Except for the recent flooding.... but otherwise, AMAZING! :)
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    Mythbusters! Who thinks they know the answer?

    I think the 'myth' is born from the misunderstanding of how free spinning wheels work. I think this 'problem' is better understood if we change from a plane to a toy car. If i hold my toy car on a treadmill going 10 miles an hour, i don't have to move my hand 10 mph to keep the toy car in place...
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    My HS build. Part 2

    Let me start by saying I feel like fiberglass would've been a better fit for this project. However, i'm a big fan of carbon fiber and composites in general, and i love learning how people are implementing composites. what kind of CF did you use? Is it unidirectional?
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    Bendix Mount

    yeah, the extra 2 gears is just power wasted to friction
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    Dumbing Down

    As a youth, at least a youth compared to most of you, i feel like this thread should start with "in my day" and end with you yelling at me for my ball landing in your yard... I don't want to get into a generational rock throwing contest, but my generation's '[pursuit of] the latest model phone"...
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    Brazil support and supply

    Above the menu, there's a british flag and a portuguese flag. Click on the british flag. That switches the site to English. Poorly spelled English, but I didn't have a problem distinguishing 'Galery' as a Gallery.
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    favorite gyro youtube videos!

    My favorite gyro videos come from Tim Chick. I can say without a doubt, when i saw this video, i decided gyros were the craft for me. Low level Gyroplane flying with Greg S. at Bensen Days 2011 - YouTube Tim has the best videos.
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    A potential gyro adventure in CA?

    How does one rent a gyro? Try Texas, the weather is reasonably stable. With the drought we're in, i think you can expect skies to be clear.
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    EAB gyro or UL trike?

    just get both
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    Function of self-aligning bearing

    they excluded that and a lot more for gyros. Not necessarily biased just against 3 blades, but just plain biased against gyros in general.
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    An appreciation of flying in a gyro

    If you're gonna cruise around with a passenger, it might as well be one with a pretty face!
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    Hornet build

    Moving in the middle of winter and landing in summer? good move!
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    Hornet build

    I've been missing this thread. 'Bout time you posted some new progress! I know you have limited time before a cold Vermont winter runs you outta the shed again.
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    gyroplane disaster use

    i never really think of gyros as a way to dispense aid. It would be kind of a clumsy system right? I'm not a pilot or anything, but i don't think the false bottom idea would work. Isn't that where the control sticks run? even then, what are we talking about? 1 drop, then go back land, pick up...
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    Protecting my fuel source

    not only that, but generating hydrogen from water takes quite a bit of electricity. but even if it didn't, it still wouldn't be very feasible. water is only 20% hydrogen by weight. So i would have to carry 5 lbs of water to electrolyze 1 lb of hydrogen. So if my machine runs on 100 lbs of fuel...
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    Improvements in Training

    It's no wonder you're constantly training new student Desmon. You're on my short list of possible trainers when i do finally step into this sport.
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    Improvements in Training

    Well said, and somehow the thread is still about main balancing and crow hoppin... As someone who isn't even a student, i can think of several ways crow hopping is advantageous as a student learning gyro flight and how it would be completely different in some sort of fixed wing flight. That...
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    Sweet Adrenaline

    If it's got a guitar and isn't new crappy country or hipster folk, i'm down! So blues, classic rock, hard rock, metal, alternative, some good old country (especially Texas country) you name it. but there's so much to name. Old school R&B, Classical, even some older rap. I swear, with my love of...