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  1. PAgyropilot

    Looking for a stock RAF instrument panel engine tachometer

    If someone has either a spare or a used one, I'd like to purchase it. For some reason the contrast of mine has become so poor that it's hard to read it without really staring at it. The numbers are very dim. Thanks.
  2. PAgyropilot

    Throttle control modification

    I'm used to having a nice quadrant throttle control handle. Something I can gently hold with a small knob at the top, and also about 6 inches long, which allows for better precision RPM control. This is what I had on my last plane: Now obviously I can't put this whole thing on the RAF, but I...
  3. PAgyropilot

    Prop suggestions

    My RAF has the standard 68" 3 blade Warp Drive prop. When I was flying PPCs, I started with a 3 blade (72 inch) and a few years later ended up with a 5 blade Power Fin (also 72 inch) pictured below. The increase in thrust was remarkable, the RPM lower, and much quieter. So I'm considering...
  4. PAgyropilot

    Trailer questions

    Hello Everyone, Sorry if this isn't the correct forum for "trailers", but I didn't see a trailer forum. (Admin, please move to the correct forum if there is another.) I've purchased an RAF 2000, and would like to trailer it without taking the rotors off. I have an enclosed trailer which is 33...