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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Hello....I am involved in building a tractor gyro looking something like an old Cierva with radial engine. Has anyone eperience of using an electric pre-rotator for 30ft blades using thyristor control for start and speed control? Any information would be useful. Thanks Skyjinks
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    Ej22 + ej25

    I read somewhere that it is possible to take the block assembly of a EJ25 and marry it to the heads and valve gear of an EJ22, giving a higher capacity engine without all the extra weight of the EJ25. Has anyone done this? Does it all fit without issue? What about compression ratio? What...
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    Safety fuel/ignition cut out

    This was posted to JonF but I guess I should have started a new thread so here it is. Here is an idea and a challenge!! We all know about Aussie Paul and his accident. I personally have had two very lucky escapes:drama: once in a Gyro where whilst laid on it's side the motor continued to run...
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    McCulloch J-2 Restoration.

    I have in the UK a McCulloch J-2 No37.:) It's complete but has not flown since 1982! As time is a major problem for me I was wondering if anyone knows where I might get it restored into flying condition and certified. I have no problem with shipping it back to the US. Are there companies or...
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    RAF Parts

    I'm looking for a new cabin for an RAF anyone got one, know where I might get one? If you have other spares that might come in handy let me know as I have one rebuild and one flying machine in the stable!
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    Beware lest the ground rise up and smite thee!

    I remember when I was learning to fly in 1973 an old hand took me to see the ten commandments posted on a board in the flying club. I can't remember them all but four stuck in my mind; 'Thou shalt always remember that it is better to be down here wishing you were up there than up there wishing...
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    Comms I’m reorganizing the communications. I plan to fit a transponder with the blade antenna under the cabin and fit a panel radio, so where on the RAF do I put the Radio Antenna? I've seen photos of the radio antenna just in front of the tail fin (How is the ground plane effected? Is there a...