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  1. jvan777

    Mac ignition.

    I have been trying to get My Bensen B8M running.It has the 4318 McCulloch motor with the magneto. The motor has not been run in quite some time. I checked for spark but it appears to have none so, I tried cleaning the points. What would be the next thing I should check? Or, Does anyone Know of a...
  2. jvan777

    Local rotor wing clubs.

    Hi: I am in the process of building a Bensen style gyrocopter. I live in Southern Michigan and, was wondering wich rotor craft club would be closest to Me? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank's : Justin Vanwyck.
  3. jvan777

    Redundant mast

    When someone talks about upgrading a Bensen style Gyro to a redundant mast, are they speaking of two 1x2 .125 wall tubes sandwiched vs a 2x2 mast? I am very new to gyros and appreciate any feedback. I have not purchased or started building a chassis at this time. I know there are much more...
  4. jvan777

    Ken Brock KB2

    Hi: I recently saw a KB2 gyrocopter for sale on craigslist, Ohio. It is said to Have very low hours. it has a Ken Brock seat tank 22 ft Ken Brock rotor, wunderlich prerotator and, a 24inch hub bar. Could Anyone tell me How much this gyro is worth. It appears to be in excellent shape. however, it...
  5. jvan777

    Membership info update

    Hi: Who would I contact to make sure my address is updated. I have emailed the Pra twice trying to give them My new street address. I suspect They are still using My old one as I have not received any magazines or letters by mail since renewing my membership early this spring. Thank You. : Justin