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  1. Airborne

    Aero 2018

    On the AERO fair in Germany I detected an innovation from Britain: A weight shift controlled gyroplane. Never seen before.
  2. Airborne

    Stick Wonder...

    ...seen on a Trixy Aviation gyroplane: The gyro is equipped with an Averso rotor. The center adjustment of the rotor hub can be simply done by turning a screw.
  3. Airborne

    Aero 2011

    Pictures from the AERO - Europes biggest fair situated in Friedrichshafen / Germany:
  4. Airborne

    Speedy Gyro

    ...take a look how fast we are flying in Germany and enjoy the sound of a jet turbine. YouTube - Rundflug Lindau
  5. Airborne

    Composite Blades and Birds

    There are several arguments pro and contra composite blades, for example used in a Magni. But what's going on in the case of a rotor hit from a bird. The popular aluminium rotor blades will accept it without a crucial damage. And the composite blades ? Will they crack or burst ? There is a...
  6. Airborne

    The right Diameter of a Rotor

    Hi Community, I'm faced with the problem to decide between a 8.4 m (27,56 feet ) or a 8.0 m (26,25 feet) rotor. At present I'm flying a doubled-seated MT-03 equipped with the 8.4 m rotor. The reason for a change to a 8 m rotor lies in the wish for a better attitude during thermal conditions...
  7. Airborne

    Pictures from AERO fair / Europe

    Hi, my first impressions from the European AERO fair ( Friedrichshafen / Germany ): PICTURES pictures are in following order: DF-02 by gyrotec rotortec 2-seater / 3-blades Phenix ( the yellow Non-Pusher ) Calidus by auto-gyro MT-03 sport also by auto-gyro with floats Xenon Coaxial-Helicopter...
  8. Airborne

    Magni M-14

    Hi, I'm interested about flying Magni M14. It seems so quite about this compact 2-seater: No posting, really nothing. So is there anybody in the world who has a story about it ? For example how stable a flight is. Perhaps the short fuselage ( against a M-16) will be a problem. Photos are also...