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  1. Airborne

    Aero 2018

    On the AERO fair in Germany I detected an innovation from Britain: A weight shift controlled gyroplane. Never seen before.
  2. Airborne

    Stick Wonder...

    ...seen on a Trixy Aviation gyroplane: The gyro is equipped with an Averso rotor. The center adjustment of the rotor hub can be simply done by turning a screw.
  3. Airborne

    New Gyro

    As you can see on the illustration below the stabilizer is not excatly in the 2/3 tornado stream, but nearby :
  4. Airborne

    New Gyro

    A DAEC approval is intended for the end of 2016. Dr. Ullrich, a very well experienced gyroplane pilot started the tests last week. If there is any unstable behaviour , he will detect it.
  5. Airborne

    New Gyro

    ..the tail has a negative profile, so it lifts the nose : red : CG yellow: Thrust green: Horizontal stabilizer
  6. Airborne

    New Gyro

    Airborne Airborne Videos... ...on Air: ...on Ground:
  7. Airborne

    Happy Birthday Greg Gremminger!

    Happy Birthday Greg & Stay airborne ! Stefan, M16 pilot, Germany
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    Aero 2011

    Pictures from the AERO - Europes biggest fair situated in Friedrichshafen / Germany:
  9. Airborne

    Whoa! Can I build a GYRO with an autonomous HELI ?

    Fascinating ! The Fukushima Problem may be solved by such robots...
  10. Airborne

    Speedy Gyro

    ...take a look how fast we are flying in Germany and enjoy the sound of a jet turbine. YouTube - Rundflug Lindau
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    Composite Blades and Birds

    Pure Carbon is used in modern helicopters but not for gyro blades. So the question is whether classical composite designs like the one used in Magni blades are resistant for "explosions" caused by an external hit.
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    Composite Blades and Birds

    There are several arguments pro and contra composite blades, for example used in a Magni. But what's going on in the case of a rotor hit from a bird. The popular aluminium rotor blades will accept it without a crucial damage. And the composite blades ? Will they crack or burst ? There is a...
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    Low-cost Electric Helicopter - TODAY

    Really interesting. Will you build it ? Or is this just a theoretical approach ? The future are electric engines Stefan
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    The right Diameter of a Rotor

    Hi Community, I'm faced with the problem to decide between a 8.4 m (27,56 feet ) or a 8.0 m (26,25 feet) rotor. At present I'm flying a doubled-seated MT-03 equipped with the 8.4 m rotor. The reason for a change to a 8 m rotor lies in the wish for a better attitude during thermal conditions...
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    Pictures from AERO fair / Europe

    Hi, my first impressions from the European AERO fair ( Friedrichshafen / Germany ): PICTURES pictures are in following order: DF-02 by gyrotec rotortec 2-seater / 3-blades Phenix ( the yellow Non-Pusher ) Calidus by auto-gyro MT-03 sport also by auto-gyro with floats Xenon Coaxial-Helicopter...
  16. Airborne

    Magni M-14

    Hi, I'm interested about flying Magni M14. It seems so quite about this compact 2-seater: No posting, really nothing. So is there anybody in the world who has a story about it ? For example how stable a flight is. Perhaps the short fuselage ( against a M-16) will be a problem. Photos are also...