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  1. Chris Burgess

    Flying the Kite, airplanes grounded

    Here's a video my Grandson uploaded and edited for me. Hope you guys can get a few kicks from it. Thanks to Bob Trout for being there when the winds blew. No planes were flying at this normally very "busy" tower controlled airport, KFDK, just outside the DC SFRA. Too gusty and windy for most of...
  2. Chris Burgess

    Anybody have photos from Mentone 2019?

    Well? I've seen none so far. Would be nice to see a few.
  3. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    Please check out my "ad" on the Barnstormers classified section, GYROPLANE , I don't know how to link it. I'm selling it and moving to Florida to be near to my girls and grandkids. I will continue to instruct in "student owned" gyros. My credentials will all be good for at least two more years...
  4. Chris Burgess

    Engine Off, No-Roll Auto

    Around 3:10 the engine is shut down and a no-roll landing made, a little back-up after touchdown. This was at Rotorfest 2012. Not sure I could duplicate it but thought someone might like to see it.
  5. Chris Burgess

    Congratulations Kurt Mohr new Sport Pilot

    Today with Dayton Dabbs. Kurt Mohr, new Sport Pilot.
  6. Chris Burgess

    New "Plastic" Student Certificate

    Everyone with a "current" Student Certificate should apply NOW for a replacement "plastic" certificate. The process is easy for those folks that have a "current" paper one. Go to Follow the Licenses & Certificates tab. Go to Airmen Certification, then pick from Top Task on r/h side...
  7. Chris Burgess

    Snoopy 1 AND 2 moored @ KFDK

    Both Snoopy 1 and 2 pulled in tonight to moor mid-field, here at my home airport, KFDK (Frederick MD). Very unusual. We have blimps a lot but never two at once before that I know of. Snoopy 2 made a wild sharp steep turn to get to his mast. It was upwind of Snoopy 1. Cool to watch.
  8. Chris Burgess

    Bensen Glider For Sale

    I want to sell my Bensen Glider. It's pretty much standard except for the horizontal and the seat frame. It is as you see in the three photos. We don't get much "kiting" wind here and that is the only way I have used it. It could be converted to power if you so desire. Just a little...
  9. Chris Burgess

    Rotorfest 2013 October 12-13

    Just an FYI. Rotorfest 2013 is this coming weekend. It is an all helicopter/rotorcraft airshow in West Chester PA at the American Helicopter Museum there. I don't like the looks of the forecast but you never know.
  10. Chris Burgess

    MAC Attack - Photos - ATC

    Everyone always ask me "What about Bob?". Well, he became the first to have an engine failure since our tower opened May of last year. He was about mid-field downwind when I heard that "dreaded" quick silence. I think he got off a call to the tower to say his engine quit. Did a great job...
  11. Chris Burgess

    Face Shield polish and anti-oxidizer?

    Face Shield polish and anti-oxidizer? Strangely I've found that I can restore the clarity to my helmet face shield by polishing with Brasso. Works great with one exception. They seem to oxidize quicker. Anybody know a secret to stop or put in check the oxidation?
  12. Chris Burgess

    C Beaty ? from Snobird the Company

    Chuck, Fred Blair (SnoBird Company Owner)called and wants to ask you a question about moment of inertia on the rotor and head for preroatation. I don't know the exact details but he wants you to email him if you will please. His email is below. Or if you want to call my number and leave a...
  13. Chris Burgess

    Weber 750 contact?

    I have a manufacturer friend that wants a "contact" for the Weber 750 engine redrive and adapter plate. Anybody have that info without doing a lot of research, it would be appreciated? Thanks
  14. Chris Burgess

    Manufacturer of Bensen or Brock Rotors today??

    Asking for a friend, did anyone pick up the manufacture of Bensen or Brock rotors? I thought I heard the tooling went to Canada and they may be making them. Does anyone know for sure?
  15. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Manufacturer - question to Pilots

    Fred Blair, SnoBird company owner asked me to post a question for him. He is planning a slow a methodical restart of SnoBird and would like to know what pilots are looking for on the engine department. He is planning a redesign to CLT for single and doubles. He would also like to offer a...
  16. Chris Burgess

    Fire at CBE claims Monarch gyrocopter

    Posted in EAA newsletter: EIGHT AIRCRAFT DESTROYED IN WEST VIRGINIA T-HANGAR FIRE Fire swept through several T-hangars at the Greater Cumberland Regional Airport in Wiley Ford, West Virginia, late Wednesday night, destroying eight aircraft and damaging two others, along with motorcycles and...
  17. Chris Burgess

    Anyone remember Tony Bollinger's Training

    Does anyone remember in what Rotorcraft magazines Tony Bollinger's training instructions were published? I would like to find them. I think I got that name right.:noidea:
  18. Chris Burgess

    Mast Failure - Old Air Command

    Can someone fill me in on just which AC masts were suspect with "scored" holes in the mast? I would like to know because I heard of a recent failure on landing that I would like to know more about. I remember reading about this but don't remember what years were suspect. I want to "renew" the...
  19. Chris Burgess

    Where are we landing?

    Some photos from Saturday's flight. No more clues.
  20. Chris Burgess

    Bimps "R" Us

    We seem to attract the blimps a lot lately. We had "Snoopy" Met Life here for 18 days. They checked out and "Hangar Vodka" checked in. Who's next, "Outback" maybe??