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  1. rcflier

    Funke ATR 500 Radio With Intercom - Make Me An Offer.

    Hi everyone. I have now bought the successor to this radio, the ATR833. So this will be surplus to requirements, as soon as I get them swapped. Anyone interested? Cheers Erik
  2. rcflier

    Flycom Helmet With Funke ATR833S Radio

    Hi. I have just paid (all or most of) a new Flycom helmet to use in my MTO Sport. That currently has a Filser/Funke ATR500 25 kHz transceiver. But, since I want to fly through Sweden, I need to swap it for a 8.33 unit (anyone want to buy an ATR500?). I am about to choose a Funke 833S. Then...
  3. rcflier

    Anyone in the EU have a MTO Sport undercarriage brace for sale?

    Hi. As stated above, I would like to exchange my MT-03 brace for the slightly newer MTO brace. Then I can have it registered with 500 kg MTOW. I know it's a long shot, but who knows... Cheers Erik
  4. rcflier

    HELP!! MT-03 Fuel Feed Pictures

    Hi. Can I persuade anyone to show me some pictures of the fuel feed to the electric pumps of a MT-03 with 914 engine? From underneath - from twin tanks to filters... I recently bought a MT-03, which was converted into an MTO Sport by factory people. I have bought new original fuel filters and...
  5. rcflier

    Aeroflash spare bulbs

    Hi. I have seen a nice offer on a set of Aeroflash Nav/Strobe lights. Complete with power source for the strobes. But I also read, that Aeroflash doesn't exist anymore.... would it be possible to buy nav and strobe bulb/tube as spare parts from some other source? Because my gyro hasn't any...
  6. rcflier

    Getting no-name critical parts

    Hi. Earlier this year I received a large (for me) order from Aircraft Spruce EU. I had ordered a large number of Heim HF4 and HM4 ball links. Three were Heim, one was some japanese brand and the rest were unbranded. Some with a lot of play... I tried to complain - but my two emails were...
  7. rcflier

    New propeller for 914UL MT-03 / MTO Sport ?

    Hi. I just bought this machine and afterwards discovered, the propeller has sort-of delaminated. The fiber (glass?) har separated from the foam on a good part of the flat side of one blade. Repair or new? If new, then which one? Bolly Magnum? TIA Cheers Erik
  8. rcflier

    Road Trip - A Kind of Flying Adventure - Look What Followed Me Home...

    Hi. Finally the proud sudden owner of a gyro with a Rotax four-stroke engine. I just did a road trip - bought a second hand gyro. In Sweden. Much like the one I rented to fly from Sweden to Denmark on my first Gyro Adventure Week-end. This MT-03 bought new in 2007 by the seller and in 2008...
  9. rcflier

    HEIM HF-4 rod ends wanted.

    Hi. I bought some HEIM rod ends for my Gyrobee from Spruce EU - and I got mostly "no name" parts of questionable quality. How can that be? I thought (I'm naive) a HEIM bearing was of the brand HEIM. Or they would write "Heim-type". And within EU law I wrote them I would return them. No answer at...
  10. rcflier

    1980's A Gearbox Never Run - Should I Give it New Spring Washers?

    Hi. I took my never-run 503 SCSI apart in order to change crankshaft seals. And then I could as well give it the newer upper conrod bearings. The A type gearbox has 12 spring washers. Should I give it new washers? They are 30 years old, but the engine (and gearbox) has never been run. (I...
  11. rcflier

    How Many Oopses Do You Remember From The Gyrobee Drawing?

    On Edit: I had a wrong assumption - nothing wrong with the drawing...:sorry: Hi. Before drilling the aluminum for mast and keel, I drew them with the seat braces in Fusion 360. But the numbers do not add up. The Gyrobee drawing shows the distance between the hole centers in the seat braces to...
  12. rcflier

    How many OOPS'es in the Gyrobee drawing?

    Sorry - something went wrong with this own oops...LOL Cheers Erik
  13. rcflier

    No More Dragon Wings?

    Hi. At RFD I just read the message: "Rotor Flight Dynamics is no longer producing Dragon Wings rotors. Contact Luminati Aerospace" Anyone in the know? Cheers Erik
  14. rcflier


    Hi. I have tried to place an order with Starbeegyros, but I get no answer. Anyone know, what's going on? Cheers Erik
  15. rcflier

    Yes, So Many Choices...

    Hi. Taggart writes a 60" propeller should be used on the Bee. Doug Riley writes, he uses a larger propeller by tilting the engine upwards a little. Which also make the thrust axis horizontal while under power. Since I won't be getting my Arrowprop, I'm looking at buying choices for my NOS...
  16. rcflier

    Old Provosion 4 Rotax 503 - Bearing Retention Rubber Plugs - how long?

    Hi. I'm about to reassemble my 30 year old NIB 503. So of course I'm changing all rubber and rusty parts. I bought my new parts from Loravia in France. But instead of giving me 5 rubber plugs, they sent me a long piece to cut myself. Rotax 503 gurus - do any of you know, how long a new plug...
  17. rcflier


    Hi Doug et al. Denmark (all of Continental Europe, even) is metric. So the 1/8" stainless plates - can they be 3 mm instead? Cheers Erik
  18. rcflier

    Gyrobee Keel

    Hi. Should I cut the keel to normal length or wait until I have mounted the seat? I have long-ish legs and I wonder, if I should adjust the pedal placement? Cheers Erik
  19. rcflier

    Help! Rotax 503 - PTO bearings - how much axial play?

    Hi engine guys (gals?). I just managed to get the small gear off the crankshaft (to change the axial seals). And checking the two PTO side bearings i found they have a lot of axial play - not radial. Another pilot told me, he uses a normal puller and a smack with a hammer to break the seal and...
  20. rcflier

    My First Gyro Adventure

    Hi guys and gals. I just had a great gyro week-end. Some travel to Thailand or Bali.........I did this instead - to finally ascertain, if I wanted to go forward with getting a license and with my build. (no reason being stuck in this old dream, if I didn't like to fly anyway...) The Danish...