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    What happened?? Flat spin?

    From what this looks like he was doin aerobatics I could be wrong what happened to cause him to spin out of control and why did the engine quit? YouTube - 26 Turn Flat Spin in a Tipsy Nipper
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    A question Ive been pondering *HELP*

    Ive often wondered this and having drawn my own conclusion forgot about it until it came up over turkey day discussion Ive always wondered if you had a level a carpenter or mason's level that was 10,000 miles long that at the ends of it IT would no longer be level so after a lot of thought I...
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    is this for real

    i mean seriously if this is for real this guy is just plain dangerous
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    gyro crash footage

    they always mistake it for a helicopter hahaha
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    mexican flu

    pig flu mexi flu whatever you're calling it was devised by your govt in a lab and released either for beta testing or the actual assault do not take any free vaccine so help you god
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    Keep them in your thoughts

    I got a really bad phone call today IM sure Ron awad knows both of these 2 I know them both and am speechless Sure wish I knew what happened the raw video looks as if they tried to get down in a field
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    dragonfly personal chopper

    this looks sweet I bet it costs a fortune tho
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    impressive chopper piloting

    now this is quite impressive
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    what caused this? *vid*

    man i cant imagine what the people riding in it where thinking
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    fishing with a helicopter

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    personal chopper video

    seen these around in pics but never a video!
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    plane loses wing in flight and manages to land

    Some how he controls it enough to get it on the ground :) :) :) :) :) also before I get flamed note the 70 ft tall rescue person :)
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    this IS a rotorcraft aint it

    cool video!!
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    a DIFFERENT kind of flying video

    DUnno why but I thought this was a cool video what are you guys thoughts on it?
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    Boeing 777 crash *vid*

    wow! wonder what caused them to fall short of the runway?
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    weird aircraft!?

    What in the world, is this for real???
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    rotorcraft crash vid
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    how is the pilot gonna explain this!

    lol I wonder if he gets reprimanded?
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    Mobile chopper? COOL!!!

    whats the deal with this thing? its cool!!!
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    What Happened To Cause This

    ANyone know whats going on here