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    More New Problems Posting?

    I just posted a simple sentence in Uncle Willies ongoing gas experiment page: Uncle Willie, Thank you yet again for doing this (valuable to us all) experiment. I have learned a lot, each time you posted an update. After 2 minutes of waiting, I got this Dialog Box in reply: Error trying to...
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    Just reporting a website SQL error:::

    Fatal error: Uncaught Invalid SQL: /** saveDbCache */ SELECT * FROM cacheevent WHERE cacheid IN...
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    Hurricane Florence is headed for North/South Carolina, and more

    As of today, It is forecast to arrive on Tuesday, September 11 as at least a very large, strong category 4. It may have enough energy to cross the Smokey Mountains. To our flying brothers/sisters on the eastern seaboard, batten down the hatches to keep yourselves and your gyros safe and sound.
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    Forum Administration, or Lack Thereof...

    Is Forum Administration an Absentee Matter or Just a Case of Advanced Passive Agression?
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    Thanking The RWF Leaders for such a valuable Website

    I just reread the thread listed below, and again found myself grateful for all those who make this forum possible. 2 place gyroplane options by bencadenbach ... The many categories of, and depth of knowledge offered in this forum is humbling. And as many of you already know, that's not an...
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    Inconsistencies Appearing in the Forum

    I've noticed differences in thread page displays between my not being logged in and then when I'm logged in. In the Engines category, under Subaru 2.2 not hitting peak revs, I see only 3 topic pages, when logged in, and more than 5 topic pages when not being logged in.
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    Weather Related Issues

    What with the weather being central to our great sport, I've entered a new topic, wish it could've been more toward the top of forum ladder.
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    Well, this is the smallest grouping of Topic Headers I could get into. So will try to save the GremmingerGlossaryHere:
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    Process for Backing Up & Restoring All These Topics & Posts

    By Process, I mean to say: a written down step-by-step procedure for accomplishing a partial or full backup and restore onto another server. The process should include restoration of the WebServer software, including any ancillary software needed (like PHP among other scripting...
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    How do I make a larger posting that this forum software will accept?

    How do I make a larger posting that this forum software will accept? Attributed To: Kolibri282 When writing a longer text I have made a habit of doing so in my favourite editor and then copy and past it to the input area. Or the other way round when you're done writing and before hitting "Post...
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    Possible Automotive Engine Use in Gyros.

    Not sure of the certification process for automotive engine conversions for aircraft usage. In case anyone might want to know which ones to definitely not use, there is a U.S. website that lists complaints about all makes and Year-models of cars. NTSB notifications are also included. For...
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    Funny Things Happen On The Way To Final Post:

    So here I am, in the Events Forum, making up a post of where I found all those pics from AirVenture2017. All the while, I'm scanning the AirVenture website for more groups of pictures, hoping to come across the groups I found yesterday. So when I finally try to complete the posting, I get an...
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    Hi, from an old member with a new Username

    I'm Frank Helms, and I've been posting on these forums for years. I just finished building my new PC, and couldn't get the old forum password to work. Besides, the new Nickname is more appropriate than ever. I've enjoyed reading and posting in these forums for over a decade now. So this is...