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    PB-3 ballancer for sale as new

    For sale with PB-3 balancer with cables instruction books etc PM if any interest
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    1930 Autogyro in UK

    I think autogyro pic was this was taken in 1930s in Somerset UK the other Maybe same place
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    Anyone tried the Rexon RHP530E air band radio comes with an headset interface vor & bluetooth also available is an intercom cable
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    Could be interesting
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    See vid at bottom of page
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    Video recording

    Any one used one of these? Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15,
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    Have you taken the Enstrom Co under your wing:lol:
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    One I had not seen before, silly intro loud music.
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    AU accident
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    Your next job Stan

    Helicopter and Chata pod Rysmi - YouTube
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    A read for the US flyers

    Dear HAI Member, I am contacting you today about a very serious matter that will be debated in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, March 13. Your help is needed to ensure that the Alexander Amendment #1779 is not approved. This amendment would set a dangerous precedent and curtail helicopter tours over...
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    revised training in UK
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    Rotax Expect you have all seen this bit old now
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    Vac forming

    Stan don't know if this is any help, you know the the saying idle hands, I must find paying work
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    ??? Photo 2011 Macs air show Russia
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    MTO Calidus Personally I would replace the the bolt before I even ran the motor again, let alone flew it!! A lot can happen in 30 hours
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    Blade problem
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    Gps Worth a read, have heard rumour of EU trials at some time:noidea:
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    Imediate check