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    how do you test the coil &lamination assy on a mac-90

    how do you test the coil &lamination assy on a mac-90 ? part # 57 on the manual . in the summer time no spark . in the winter time have spark. any info on ohms and how to test this coil ? my points are fine .my condenser is fine .my magnets are fine. thanks taint (im still looking for a cdi for...
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    mac-90 prop question

    im looking to buy a 52x28 prop for my mac 90 and i want to know who has a prop thats cheap and will do just as good as a expensive prop.listed prop dealers below im looking to buy from. Arrow prop (cheap),Culver (next to cheap),and then Tennessee prop , ( not cheap). i know 28 pitch is a little...
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    wanted mac 90 exhaust manifold set

    looking for a used set of manifolds to fit my mac 90 motor.thanks taint
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    mac 90 question

    is there a way to know if you have a cage bearing type engine by checking the motor tag info? also why do people dis like them ? thanks taint.
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    question on assembly of mac-90 magneto.

    i need to assemble my impulse coupling and had a unfortunate mishap of the thing flying apart with no record of its assembly . I know it can be assembled two ways 180 degrees apart with having the (x) mark off 180 degrees. and maybe timing problems assembled wrong or hard starting . Does any one...
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    R&D parts ?

    i was told to buy parts for my 90hp mac from R&D thru Red, but i have no phone # or e-mail address. and rick whittridge is out of business .thanks for any help.
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    need new mac 90hp rubber motor supports

    i was looking for buying new engine rubber mounts for my mac-90, 4318.does anyone know which motor mounts from aircraft spruce will work?thanks taint
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    what type of paint to paint a warp drive

    i repaired a warpdrive prop and i need to repaint it ;its flat black but is it water base paint or enamel? it looks like hi heat paint ( grill paint) to me. thanks taint.
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    gyro hang test question

    does anyone have a picture of them doing a hang test on there gyro? i would like to see them. thanks taint
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    subaru in a rotary air force 2000

    awhile back asked about putting a 4 cyl subaru in a gyro and got a 80% neg response of the idea. popular mechanics published feb. 2010 page 52. gyro instructor dofin fritts at fond du lac, Wis, usa has a rotary air force 2000 with a 130 hp subaru engine,& dual controls.editor jeff wise of...
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    benson engine queston

    is a ea-81 subaru engine worth my time putting on a benson gyro straight drive? is the performance very good or sluggish,hard to lift off? or just to much weight.thanks
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    how much gold in fort knox?

    its running on the history said the vault was open in 1968, but they forgot to say how much nixon took out to pay n.v to end the showed opening the vault to congressmen and news persons.this is what i noticed that looked odd.the document on the door said there were 36,236 bars...
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    what 2-cycle oil do you use for a 503sc rotax

    the ultralight store in Canada said to use a good quality two stroke oil with a high mineral oil content and not to use synthetic. can you just add mineral oil to tcw3?:noidea:
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    question about arrowprop props

    arrowprop said they could make me a wooden prop, two blade,52" long-wide blade;42 pitch to hit thrust of 300 lbs, they didnt give me the blade hub thickness..i gave them all the info ,gyro,503 sc rotax, 2.58-1 .. b- gear box,ect. are they good at what they say? thanks taint
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    ivo prop ultralight model

    three blade prop ground adjustable 52 inch. has anyone ever used one of these on there gyro? do you think it can generate 280 to 300 lbs of thrust?
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    benson hub bar- blade pitch info needed

    i would like to know if anybody has any info with pictures on setting the blades to the hub bar to get a professional job? its the old type riveted blades and 4 bolt hub bar type .& single seat gyro.laser setting sounds good. thanks
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    need info on making rpm tach for gyro blades

    .i read some were there was a way to use a bicycle mph tach for this. any body got any info on this cheap hook up? thanks ;
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    prop 60x24 wood cc rotax pattern tractor

    or will take 60x23 im experimenting with a 303 wankel. looking cheap; for play experimenting project.
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    wanted benson teter head needed for blades

    i need the part between the blades and the gyro head including center piece rod-bolt;and any kind of special instructions. photos attached , its for a old benson i want to re-do. phone 910-392-4047,.. email- [email protected]: also does anybody know were i can get the main bearing in the...