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    rotor head for for a tractor style gyro

    OK, 24 views, no response. I think I will take my learning experience to another location. Bye Bye
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    rotor head for for a tractor style gyro

    I am learning about gyrocopters and and would like to ask another question please. On this forum, tractor style gyros, Jonsu was very nice by posting some info about a couple of ultralight gyros. One is a tailwheel "Skyrotor". It was modeled with a Rotax 503, and in my opinion pretty doggone...
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    Russian gyro "Barsik"

    There are some cool gyrocopters in that link!
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    A Barnstormer listing dated 19 Aug 2019 states MZ engines for sale, lists Alex LaFave of LaFave Aviation, 816-294-1167
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    A new take on ultra-light gyroplane

    JonSu, are you gonna give your ultralight tractor a name? Also, may I ask how much the pilot weighs that you have modeled in your drawings?
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    A new take on ultra-light gyroplane

    Thank you JonSu
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    A new take on ultra-light gyroplane

    How do I contact "Ernie"?
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    A new take on ultra-light gyroplane

    JonSu what do you recommend for the rotor diameter and blade design? Thank You
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    I need some help please

    Jukka responded. His designs should hang fully loaded 5 to 10 deg. nose down when fully loaded (pilot and fuel). Knowing this fact will allow me to perform a final weight and balance before flight, but not really help in the choice of engines. I will give it some thought. Vance, the HKS700 costs...
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    I need some help please

    Thanks guys, I will Email Jukka, and inquire about the desired CofG target for the JT-9 and the JT-9T. He has 3 view drawings on his website, under the virtual aircraft heading. Jukka has been faithful to respond to my earlier questions about the JT-5. I am looking at the Toyota 1KR and...
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    Mohawk Arrow - a new USA-Built Enclosed/Convertible Gyroplane

    Oh, whoops Thank you for correcting me. I am new here, and old, so I will be more careful. Thanks again Ben
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    Mohawk Arrow - a new USA-Built Enclosed/Convertible Gyroplane

    I believe Brian was concerned about having the axle inline with the steering axis. It is better to have the a little behind the steering axis. Correction, I see that your set up is a connected system. Looking good!
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    Gyroplane Miscellavia - Peter Lovegrove

    I can't find anything about a set of 7 volumes. Where did you come across the info Phil?
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    Barry Mounts upside-down?

    Hey Brian, When I build anything AC related, I use the utmost care so I don't second guess myself while in the air. William Wynn the corvair guy likes to type, and I believe somewhere on one of his sites he uses Urethane Lord mounts. I just wanted to give you a quick reply tonite, but will...
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    New chinese engine

    A 570 2 Banger! I think I will paint it Satin Red. Rotax has a long run, no competition, SO, let the ass kicking begin!
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    Free Autogyro Bible - 233pgs

    I have searched for this publication in English and have searched for a way to translate into English, can anyone help?
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    Bandit Gyroplane

    I know this thread is old, but this is a very interesting aircraft that I would like to learn more about. Does anybody know anything about this ac? I guess my interest would be a set of plans! This type of construction fits well with my skill set. Any info would be appreciated
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    Electric PTO clutch/Permanent Magnet electric brake

    I am a 6hour solo trike pilot?/student, air creation 582, and have been immersed in fixed wing tractor ac design for the last 5 years. There aint know free lunch! Smack, would you point to an example. I have just came over to gyros, so its gonna take a while for me to get up to speed.