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    The making of a Dominator II

    I have not started on any part yet. I have a co-worker who has a newer version of solidworks on his PC at home to help me with the design of some of the parts. So I need some help from some expert Dominator builders and pilots.(ie) Ron and Ernie. The plans are for a dom. That spins a 60 in...
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    The making of a Dominator

    I've been posting the progress of my dominator build on the PRA chapter 2 site. But after finding this site it makes more sense to post it here. So for now on that is what I'll be doing. You guys out there that either are allready flying dominators or that are in the build part of it your input...
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    Cool tools

    :rapture: There's this cutting tool on the market some of you may or may not have seen or heard of it's called a plasma cam. I sent off for the info on it some time back and they sent me a brochure and a dvd on it this thing is really neat it's kind of spendy and only cuts flat pieces of metal...
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    old rotax 503

    Well I found a rotax 503 from a guy at work it comes out of an old 80's ski-doo snowmobile. Ineed to know if anybody out there knows if this engine is worth buying? It will need the upgrades to make it air worthy (so to speak) such as DCDI and a gear box and muffler. The engine will have to be...
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    ultralight vs. ?

    I'm very new to gyro's so bare with me. If a ultralight has to be 254 lbs. or less. What happens if it is heavier? what class does that put you in? and what is required to fly it legally?
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    dragon wings

    does any body know if dragon wings are still avalible and if so are they any good on a gyro and also what would be a good disc dia.