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    Calidus tail-chop;

    Apologies if this one has been discussed previously, but having read it a couple of times, I was left wondering if he had left the rotor brake on while pre-rotating.
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    Training issue or design flaw?

    Or to put it another way; After how many similar accident events does a training issue effectively equate to a design flaw?
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    Two Bensens flying in company

    Dunno if this will work; <iframe src="//" width="500" height="375" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p>Two Bensen gyros flying in company on a hazy Autumn afternoon</p> Looks like it didn't; Can anyone...
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    The power curve strikes again

    Don't know where. Don't know when. Appeared on YouTube; Gyro crash - YouTube No speed, no climb.
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    The power curve strikes again;

    This one popped up on Youtube; Autogyro Crash - YouTube
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    Silencing a Mac

    I know the approved method for silencing a Mac is/was to shoot it down. :) However, I'm looking for a less drastic method. A guy over here has restored a Mac 72-powered Bensen, and is nearly ready to fly. However, the noise this thing generates is going to result in it being unflyable, as no...
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    Figure this out;

    I found this interesting and amusing. Thought I'd share it; enjoy.
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    Pegasus promotional video

    This popped up on Youtube a day or two ago; Pegasus Autogyro Certification Flight - YouTube Enjoy.
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    Old PIO/PPO video

    We talk about it a lot so: Just so you know what it looks like; PIO/PPO.flv - YouTube
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    My wife sent me this; > Male or Female? You might not know this...but a lot of non-living objects are actually either male or female. Here are some examples: > > > > > FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in...but you can see right through them. > > > > >...
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    AAIB report on M24 door open accident;

    This report relates to the UK accident, not the SA one;,%20G-CGTI%2010-11.pdf
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    Here's another one to chew on;

    I have my own views on this accident, but would like to hear other folks opinions, particularly as to what might be learned from it.,%20G-CFAI%2009-09.pdf
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    Crowhops in a Sparrow gyro; YouTube - Sparrowhops II
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    Rotorfest 2010 - Chris Burgess;

    8 minutes in, Chris displays his machine. YouTube - Rotorfest 2010
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    Early Days
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    Happiness is a vertical yaw string

    Tryout for my ContourHD camera. Given the tricky lighting conditions, I was pleased. Some definition is lost to Youtube, but the frame rate, 60fps, reduces pan stagger very well. Lens angle is 110deg.
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    For no particular reason;

    Just checking out the neighbourhood.
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    Only in Ireland..... You couldnt make this stuff up.
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    Take-off technique needs practice.

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    Accident in Majorca

    This came up on my Google Alert: A PILOT from Gloucester and his passenger have been killed in an air crash in Spain. It is believed Royce Sutton, 47, died when the autogyro he was flying crashed into a forest in Majorca. The accident happened on Thursday at the Aerodromo de Petra, near...