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  1. BEN S

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    Hey Paul! I wish it wasn't a 16 hour flight to come join you guys for the fly ins!
  2. BEN S

    Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    I happen to have a house in AZ.......
  3. BEN S

    Streamlining for tubes?

    I never got around to it, but folding some poster board around and stapling the trailing edge should give someone an approximate idea if it is worth pursuing. Take all of about 10 min and cost about 3 bucks. It might flutter, and if your worried about staples and you prop, you could just glue...
  4. BEN S

    Chinese military gyros.

    I flew against the Hawk Radar system in Yuma AZ. They couldn't see me until I wanted them to by banking a hard 90 degree turn for reflectivity off the underside of my rotors. As for the top down radar of the Aerostats, they are very easy to beat as well. In order for them to work with the...
  5. BEN S

    Bolt Head Controversy

    some baseball player and their lead test pilot if I remember correctly
  6. BEN S

    Well, I'll be! Wifey said she "knows someday I'll fly gyros again!"

    Its a bit far for me to go to rent it.....but other than that it sounds great!
  7. BEN S

    Well, I'll be! Wifey said she "knows someday I'll fly gyros again!"

    I know, but I don't know that I'm going to be in that price range for a Gyro.
  8. BEN S

    Well, I'll be! Wifey said she "knows someday I'll fly gyros again!"

    After much flying in fixed wings and some in my paramotor, I have linked up with a flying buddy who has an ultralight seaplane. We have been talking about all manner of future aircraft for us and he says if gyros are your favorite, you should get one. I mentioned this to Kat who remarked (she...
  9. BEN S

    A low speed upset of Cavalon 425AG at KSMX.

    All the training and all the past sucessful models in the world will never convince me of the superiority of a linked nose wheel. What I dont get is, they look the same and castering is easier to design so why would any one design one that way? Glad no one was seriously hurt.
  10. BEN S

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    "Merciless Indian Savages"
  11. BEN S

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Kol....dont put words in my fingers. I never said that just cause we have had some good examples by western standards dying for our country, that doesnt mean they werent one camels nose hair away from being "radicalized" (turning into a koran following devout muslim?) Now if you dont...
  12. BEN S

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years
  13. BEN S

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Ahhh....but Kol, we arent talking about the US. We were talking about Europes Migrant Influx. Nice one, I see what you did there;) Okay so, 100'of 1000's of young fighting age males flee....FLEE from their homeland embroiled in battle to do what.....fight the good fight of beating down Daesh...
  14. BEN S

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Theres more to our country than just the number of urban centers. Look at how many counties he won. Thats shows that people ALL over the country supported him. I am reminded of two things. Once a friend who was a travel agent for foreign tourists was compaining that she had to constantly battle...
  15. BEN S

    Night vision Monocular.

    Vance old friend, as Fly Army pointed out NVG's no matter the price or Generation wont help you see wires in an emergency. I have used them for years in the military and sold them for years and followed the best trends until recently. Heres the breakdown Anything in the Gen 1 to 2 range will be...
  16. BEN S

    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Gents, the problem with islam and muslim terrorists is its like a game of "Wack-a-mole"! Yes it gets tiresome popping hadjis, and more just keep springing up, but if you don't nail'em when they show themselves. Your garden gets overrun in no time! Like Sweden for instance;)
  17. BEN S

    Marion Springer

    My message was private. Maybe others as well?
  18. BEN S

    FAA Third Class Medical reform Question

    I may be good to go for like 9 more years.... But as pointed out, if the FBO says I need one to rent Im stuck. Its not tbat I cant pass jt. Just didnt want to pay for it. Thx for the answers
  19. BEN S

    Any designers for hire?

    Um....yes. Um....yes. Merry Christmas Paul. It seems to me that the O.P. may have decided after doing some homework that the lack of "Bunt-o-bility" of the tractor designs was in his life longevity favor. The fact that most of the gyros are not tractors has a lot to do with the developmental...
  20. BEN S

    President trump

    They are playing with fire in my opinion. Using legal trickery to strip the majority of a rightful decision has not worked out well historically. I hope the people get what they voted for.