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  1. route66

    We lost a brother, "Mad Man", Mike Schallmann

    I am sitting in my motel room and cannot sleep as we lost a friend and fellow gyrojunkie today. Mike Shallmann aka, Mad Man Mike lost his life Saturday in a motorcycle accident while enjoying the KBFFI. While I don’t know the details of the accident I did enjoy his flying this weekend as well...
  2. route66

    Talk about Wedding Crashers!

    I read in the news this morning and had to share! ROME - A romantic wedding in the Tuscan countryside ended with injuries after an attempt to launch the bride's bouquet from a plane brought down the tiny aircraft. Italian police say two people were hurt in the crash of the ultralight plane...
  3. route66

    Cleaning the Garage Sale

    I am cleaning my garage and have a bunch of gyro stuff for sale I will offer on the forum before I post on ebay and barnstormers. Pm with an offer on anything you might need. 2.2 Subaru Engine with 13K miles, reversed intake, complete stripped wiring harness with computer, Barnett 2-1 Shoebox...
  4. route66

    Happy Birthday, Marion Springer!

    Marion, Happy Birthday to You! It is your special day and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.
  5. route66

    My New Toy!

    This winter has been a trying one with the weather and some health issues not allowing me to fly or work as much as I like to. I am not good at being idle and needed something I could keep busy with to feel like I was doing something positive. I was browsing Craigslist and a kid in my...
  6. route66

    Electric Trim Motor Help!

    I have used a pair of Denso electric window motors to control my trim springs. The motors are powerful enough to give all the spring pressure I need for trim although the resistance of the trim spring turns the motor back when the electric switch is off. Does anyone have any experience with...
  7. route66

    Your Favorite Recipe!

    Not to take over Stan’s post for a $100 hamburger I think we need a Gyro recipe base. We have people from all over the word with their own flavor of enjoyment and we need to share ideas. Here is a thread to show what you have and enjoy. I like to eat and enjoy newfound ideas. I will start...
  8. route66

    68" Warp Drive Prop Wanted

    I have a neighbor looking for a 68"L Warp Drive 3 Blade Prop for his 2.5 Sub Project. Anyone out there have one on the shelf and would let go reasonably? Thought with some of you moving to the IFA IVOPROP one might be hanging around before he orders a new one.
  9. route66

    Arizona PRA?

    Does anyone have any information on the Arizona Rotorcraft Club PRA # 15? Are they still chartered or active? Tried their email and phone to find they are not current. If not is there any interest is making it active again?
  10. route66

    Time to move my project!

    Time for my bird to see the outdoors for the first time! Wiring is not my best trait and she is taking a short trip to Buckeye for some guidance to make sure it is done right. Been snowing here all week and I figured today was clear enough to take out the door and load her for the short trip...
  11. route66

    AN Bolt Guages

    During my build I would need a bolt here and there and would measure the span needed, go to one of my 2 trusty gauges and order the exact bolt. Sometimes they would arrive right on and sometimes they were too short. Every time they were short I would think to myself, “What were you thinking?”...
  12. route66

    More Hanger Stuff!

    I have a New Barnett "Shoebox" Inline Gear Reduction Unit with mounting plate, starter adapter for EJ22-25. 3.5" low offset from crankshaft. It is 2-1, prop turns same direction as engine-Thrust both ways. Rated up to 600HP. Heavy duty Hardened Racing Gears, CNC machined Case from solid 6061-T6...
  13. route66

    New! ICS Plus Nav/Com 760 Channel

    this is a test
  14. route66

    Any Thoughts on EJ-22 Turbo?

    I am in the process of building a 1999 RAF with the AAI mod. The kit I purchased was originally purchased without an engine. He was planning on using a 1994 EJ-22 FI Turbo he had found that had only 7500 miles. While this engine checks out great I was looking for feedback as to if I would be...
  15. route66

    Brandon Evans, Parks, Az

    I am an addict! Where do I go for help? Hello All! My name is Brandon and I live in beautiful Northern Arizona. I have been a private pilot for 25+ years and have enjoyed my many aircraft from my first Tri Pacer to my favorite C-182. For years I made sure I could find an excuse to fly every day...