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    Question for Brian Cobb

    I don't remember any difference in vibration, but the noise level was worse in the back. Ever fly in one with all the soundproofing removed? It definitely makes a big difference! I've got a fair amount of hearing loss + tinnitus as a reminder of my crewmember days... As far as vibration in...
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    Electric self Rotating wing

    A tail rotor typically uses less than 5% power in normal flight, and maybe 20% at the extremes of the flight envelope. Add to that the transmission losses & it's still way better than your rotor powered by a prop will do at least 99% of the time if not always.
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    Bensen B8 help needed

    Another vote here for yard ornament.
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    Ultralight wanted

    I'd guess dirty airflow behind the prop is worse because it's moving faster.
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    Crosswind Landings - Helicopters

    The first couple of replies summed it up pretty well - I'd prefer the same as them, from the left in your typical Bell, etc. where more power = more left pedal.
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    Collective Friction

    So both of you are saying you always have to lift up on the collective if the friction is off, throughout the entire collective range in flight? That would be very annoying & surely could be adjusted out. Nothing I've flown was like that except maybe at very low collective settings. The...
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    PRA Chapter 26 expands into Central Florida

    Spent a few days there many years ago when finishing up my CPL(H), the only thing I didn't like was all the skydiver activity.
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    High Time R22 - Options?

    IMO component overhaul & retirement times are there for a good reason. If anything the hour limit is the important thing! Thinking you know more than the guys that designed, built & certified them seems rather silly. I've been fired by an operator who felt that component limits were more like...
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    Dynamic Rollover

    Dynamic rollover = pivoting around a skid/gear in contact with the ground until reaching the critical angle & over it goes unless the collective is lowered.
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    An Accelerometer on The Predator.

    60 degrees angle of bank = 2 g's is also assuming you're maintaining a constant speed & altitude. If either of those is changing so is the g load.
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    Couldn't Put on Helicopter Thread!!

    The up-front cost isn't the scary part to me, operating costs are what will make or break it. It'll be a niche product rather than a helicopter replacement - expensive to operate & limited in payload but fast. Just like the V-22...
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    Electronic Governor

    I suppose you could also just use a stepper motor that has low enough torque to be overridden, seems like that would keep it simpler?
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    Looking for an electronic governor for helicopters

    I'm a big believer in KISS, especially for a recreational aircraft. Given how easy manual rpm control is with a halfway decent mechanical correlator for a pilot that's had any training at all I personally wouldn't bother with a governor on a piston ship. Turbines are a different matter...
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    Gyroplane Stability and Aerodynamics - Glasgow University

    I've been in turbulence bad enough to cause the ramp extensions (metal & heavy) on a CH-47C to lift off the ramp a couple of feet, nearly hitting the cabin ceiling - multiple times. Also had a couple emergency exit lights that popped out of their mounts & a portable fire extinguisher did the...
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    learning to hover

    As the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know. A few hours of instruction is a lot cheaper than rebuilding a crashed helicopter. Not getting instruction in this day & age is plain stupid. But what do I know, I just fly them. And yes, I still remember what it was like at first -...
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    Gyroplane Stability and Aerodynamics - Glasgow University

    Teetering rotor helicopters do the same thing if the main rotor is unloaded, they start to roll uncontrollably & if the pilot tries to compensate with lateral cyclic while it's still unloaded very bad things happen - do a bit of research on mast bumping.
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    Masquito M-80 Rotor head

    The catch is it feels very different than other types - way more control lag. Like anything else you get used to it pretty quickly then it's not an issue, but I can still remember the first time I flew a Hiller 12 - probably had about 200 hours in other types at the time but felt like a new...
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    New Job Monday

    Wow, can't beat that! Sometimes things happen for a reason :)
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    Helicopter Main Rotor 'g' limit

    Sounds like you're looking for someone to do your homework.
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    Later model 47's (starting with the G2A1) have 61 gallon tanks, we'd burn about 16 gallons an hour - that's plenty of endurance. The D models had a 29 gallon tank but also burned less fuel, something like 11-12 gallons a hour. G's & G2's have 42 gallon tanks. The single seat Tomcat Mk5's I...