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    Suppliers of thin wall aluminum fuel tanks

    Hi, My original Scorpion helicopter had a 5 gallon aluminum cylindrical fuel tank with very thin walls. My new Mosquito helicopter has similar tanks but the aluminum thickness is much more. Where can I get thin walled 2.5 gallon fuel tanks, preferrably with flush mounted fittings on both...
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    My personal Mosquito ultralight helicopter project website

    I'm posting publically my progress in building and flying my Mosquito ultralight helicopter, including (sometimes embarassing) videos of my practice flights. I have a total of about 1.6 hours on it now. The website will be updated as I fly more.
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    New member introduction

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, My name is Hoyt A. Stearns Jr., an electrical/computer engineer in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I moved 35 years ago primarily because there's never IFR here. I build and commuted in a Rotorway Scorpion (N9066) quite a few years ago, but sold that. I had come to...