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    Continuation Question ?

    Is TOM Milton a REAL PERSON..?? I thought I'd met him, BUT, He must be on VaCation.. Tell Me I'm Rite------OR-- Hello HELLO
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    Who Knows

    The name of the movie , where Ken Brock went to the South Pole with his gyros. I have seen the movie however it's been a long time and forgot the title of it.. And want to find it and watch again. Steve
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    Hey DOUG Hughes

    Fox News is talkin S--t about you again. Saying you were within seconds of a head on collision with a Delta Turbo Prop passenger plane..that had just taken off. WT Hell. Delta flies below 200' 🙃 Your a lot better pilot than they give you credit..
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    Hey TOM Milton.....

    After trying a bunch a times to get you on the phone , I guess this is the only way to do it. The upper Pre-Rotater assembly that I've been waiting for finally came in. Very nice work... HOWEVER... ITS FROZE UP ,,,,, DOESNT EVEN TURN.... Now I don't know if this item came from China...
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    Rick Abercrombie hurt

    Rick hit a deer while riding a motorcycle last Sunday a week ago. Hopefully he is doin ok after a lot of different surgeries, Road Rash and a lotta broken bones, hand, thumb, ankle, knees, elbows etc and then his right shoulder as well. He is at Atlanta Medical Center ,,,, room 556 If Ya...
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    How. Many Days

    Gabi? And please get the full dates rite.....:hail: Few more than just the 29th on the video ,,,,,ain't they. :rant: T. V. Flyys more than that in two hours...:flame:
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    Sparrow Hawk Gyro

    New Gyro, MUST Go" Air Worthiness N #'s and Registration 35k FIRM..........over 50k invested.. Includes 5 hours flight check after purchase Call Steve.....478-461-1451 Serious inquiries Please
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    hey Tom Milton

    Remember this...??? Been a WHILE !
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    What's the chance

    Of posting older fly-in pics, of anyone ( people ) flying or not? Older machines, whatever.. So let's just keep it to ourselves for those that know.. I will start it off with the One That Bit Me! Even. IF You know! DONT POST THE ANSWER or Time Table as Yet...
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    Prayer Request

    Jim Logan's wife Alice has been in surgery since early this morning.. Hopefully everyone that knows her or Jim and those that is reading this will send out a prayer for her to come thru it ok.. THANKYOU. To EVERYBODY... Steve
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    Barnette J4B2

    For Sale,,, 2 Place ,, Enclosed Inline Tandem, single controls, 29' McCutchin. Sky Wheels, Mazda Rotary 12A engine Headsets, radio, intercom.. ELT, Trailer..included Excellent condition.. 130 hours, air worthiness, active registration Needs to go... Asking 24.5k O.B.O. Call...
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    What's the Use

    Recently in the last few years, we have had 3 deaths because individuals would NOT listen. They have taken it upon them selves to "Do It They're Way" and die because of it. I am not blaming anyone ,except myself, for being an instructor. I must say posting about people achieving they're...
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    Mad Max for Sale

    Todd Day is selling his gyro, Mazda Rotary 13B and its STRONG asking price 28K serious inquiries PLEEZE !!! call Steve..478-461-1451
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    SERIOUSLY......."Get there Early" !!!!

    If your planning on coming to Bensen Days and wanting to get in some training. Attempt to be there a few days early. If you need a 90 day sign-off ( 1 hr flight time, 1 hr ground instr.) FAA form 8710. ( 3 hrs flight time, min.) Be sure to bring your log book, drivers license. And or...
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    Sparrow Hawk , New Color

    Just thought I'd put this out and see where it goes.. Any suggestions on the color for the Sparrow Hawk when it's Re-Built.. Gonna take a while to get there,, so Y'all think about. Steve
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    Time CHANGE !

    I really wish they'd make they're mind up,, I was just getting use to sleeping a lil longer,,, now I'm gonna have Bad, BAD, AWFUL time getting any sleep at all.. Since I saw GABOR in his,,,,,,,,,,what was that anyway? Other than a Mind Altering ILLLLLLUSION.... Not that I really wanna...
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    Oh Yes!

    Mike Simmons, Went for it......AND GOT IT ! "Ya DONE GOOD MIke"
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    Did I miss SUMTHIN

    The International Space station had a delivery rocket sent to it this morning.. Did Ya see all the diesel fumes it was leavin behind.. Dale Hawkins can tell us about that,, since he works there.. Besides...... Who is there to accept the pizza.. And who's payin for it..?.
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    Party time....

    Ohh Yea..itsa gonna B. FUN. :rant: Did Ya see the lil Rotors on the sign.....
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    TRAVELING INSTRUCTOR,, well Let's See!

    A traveling instructor would be someone that could live on the road and survive.. I have attempted it a few times,, traveling around the country doing instructions,, and lost my shirt Bill Parsons had tried it and when he got to the destination, most of the students didn't show up. Lost...