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    24 Foot Dragon Wings For Sale

    I have a set of Dragon Wings that I would like to sell. The blades are reflexed with rivets in the trailing edge. They are lighter than a standard set due to only having half a tipweight in each blade. The blades have less than 150 hrs on them. I would like to get $950.00 if you pick them up. If...
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    New Viking Powered Dominator

    This is a machine a customer just finished. He has 39K invested. Thats a completed machine as you see for just a little more than a Rotax 914 costs. I hope you all enjoy.
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    Bad News For Matt Kenseth

    Stan's favorite driver is loosing DeWalt as his sponsor next year. The company blamed the slowdown in new home construction. I saw this on the news and thought of you Stan. Sorry Buddy I guess one stairbuilder doesn't buy enough tools to suppot a car even if I am sure you try.
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    Norm's site back up?

    I happened to accidently type in today and Norm's site came up. I tried to log into the conference however, I don't remember my username or password. Just thoght this was interesting. Maybe some here can try to log in and see if it still works.
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    New Rotorcraft Magazine

    I got my new Rotorcraft Mag today. At first glance it looks better than the last one I recieved. I just thumbed through it and one article caught my eye. The article written by our Safety Guy Kerry Cartier. If you have recieved yours it is on page 12. I began to read it with full intention of...
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    Happy Bithday to Hognose

    Kevin, Happy Birthday looks like you and my old man share a birthday he turned 56 today.
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    Bensen Days Camping

    Would anyone like to split the rental on a pop up camper. The cost is $400.00 for the week. Please let me know soon as I have to reserve by next week. I'd love to have it to myself, but can't afford it alone.
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    Moving Day

    Well it's finally happening. We closed on our very own brand new house and are moving in today. My wife and I are first time home owners, we are very excited to have something we can call ours. This is also the first time either of us has had something major that is brand new. I don't buy brand...
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    Ron Awad

    Ron, My friend you have way too much time on your hands. I guess you are tying to "bump" up your number of posts. My guess is the number of grass blades growing must have decreased reciently. I hope to see you at New Years.
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    slow load time

    Anyone else having trouble getting on this site? It took about 7 min to load just now.