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    2017 Anahuac Fly In

    The 2017 Anahuac Fly In is on. We will hold our annual fly in October 19th to the 22nd. Please reserve your RV spot if you need one. We wont have T-Shirts this year but will have food on site. Chambers County Airport T00, Anahuac Texas
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    Aircraft Quizes

    Some fun quizes about aircraft...
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    Veterans Day 11/11/2016

    Lets all remember our veterans this Friday and commemorate this day by wearing something red. RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed!!! Another way to show our appreciation for our veterans is to vote, if you haven't already voted, its not too late. To those who've served, THANKS FOR YOUR...
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    Complete Mini 500 Kit

    I have been contacted from a guy that has a complete Mini 500 kit he is wanting to sell. The kit has been updated to 2005. He is asking $11,000, this is a great price for a complete kit. I dont have any pictures or any more information. Please email me at [email protected] for contact information...
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    Silverlight Forum Please

    Administrators, Can we get a Silverlight Forum added to the Manufacturer section please? Already have a lot to post.
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    Chapter Newsletters

    Did anyone recieve the chapter newsletters from the PRAs e-alert last month? I did not see it and have emailed Lisa but have not recieved a response. Since Rotorcraft is in PSF, maybe we wont be getting the e-alerts anymore. If there is interest in recieving the newsletters as we have been...
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    Aviation Humor

    Great photos and great military humor. A lot of life's problems can be explained by the application of the common sense from these recently declassified military secrets.
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    iPad Mini and ForeFlight

    Does the iPad mini work good for anyone? If so, what app do you use? Forefront appears to be the best, but is it? Just wondering if an iPad mini is a viable alternative to a GPS. It appears to be a good choice because it can be used for so much more than just a GPS. And, what mount do you use...
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    eBay Listings

    I have listed my machines on eBay. If someone here is interested, please let me know and I can cancel the eBay listing. Selling these to raise money for a new "modern design" two place. Hopefully I will be able to keep at least one of them, but, certainly don't need all three and buy a new...
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    Gyrocopter Estate Sale (Canada)

    Looks like a super buy. The whole meal deal for $15,000. Someone could easily double their money and get a gyro out of the deal.
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    How to Build a Successful Chapter

    When I first started to visit Chapter 62, it was not at all what I expected out of a gyro club. There was only one gyro under a sheet and one in parts. Only a couple of times I actually got to se a gyro fly, when someone flew in to visit. We met once a month, had the chapter meeting, went to...
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    Responsibilities of CFIs and Students

    There have been a few threads lately discussing CFI responsibilities. I have started this thread to keep this in one place. I would like to get everyone’s opinions of what they believe are acceptable responsibilities on both sides (student/CFI). This may help the new students better understand...
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    American Sniper

    Very patriotic, it really touches the heart.Damn good movie. Birdman got best of picture but it should have been this one.
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    Events Banner

    When ill the forums banner be updated with this years events like it has had the last couple years?
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    One Dead in Helicopter Crash in The Woodlands

    Just in, not much information yet. Just looking at the picture, it sure appears to be of experimental type.
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    Door Seal Installation

    I am installing new door seals on my RAF, the ones I removed were riveted in, I am looking for a better way to install the new ones. Anyone that has installed door seals, what have you done and what do you think works best?
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    Aerial America

    The Smithsonian Channel has a program called Aerial America. Each episode is an aerial flight tour over one of our beautiful states and shows the state in its glory. Watching these programs shows just how enjoyable flying can be and the beauty of our country that can only be seen from the air.
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    For Sale at Chapter 62

    We have almost always got something for sale at Chapter 62. I am starting a thread for our members to list anything they have so we can work together on getting some of these things sold. This thread will continually update as more items become available or items get sold. Either contact the...
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    Happy Birthday Danny Whitten

    You are my mentor, inspiration, and one of my best friends. Hope you have a great day today!
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    Another Bad Trip Email

    This time from Jim McCutchen, says he's stuck in Manila Philippines. Asking for $3,950 via MoneyGram. Maybe now is a good time to ask for a good price on some new blades?